Bad B2B Lead Generation Habits To Avoid

Bad B2B Lead Generation Habits To AvoidTo be honest with you, B2B lead generation is all about persistence. While it is true that we have a ton of challenges to face, the fact remains that we have to give our everything all the time. Being in this line of work may be very profitable, if you can successfully generate B2B leads, but you have to admit that getting more business leads coming your way will depend on how long and steady you stay in this game. And while we are at this topic, are aware that there are some habits appointment setting specialists make that are actually bad for business? No? Well, you should know them. Avoiding these common, but really troublesome, practices will mean a lot in improving our marketing efforts. As a start:

  1. You are spread too thin – the thing about marketing, and why it can be very stressful, is that you have to cover all your bases. And in terms of modern marketing, we are talking about dozens of customer touch points. If you do not get help from the others, you will just burn out, or produce mediocre results. A better tact would be to concentrate on those you do best, and let the others do the rest.
  2. You overlook a customer segment – John Hoffman, a noted advertiser and blogger, once wrote that marketers are too focused on the 18-39 age market segment. While this may have the biggest customer base, the real spenders are those at and beyond the 50 mark. And this so happens to be the very segment that is overlooked by today’s marketers. Try not to fall into that error. Study your market better, know all the players. Check which ones will catch on to your offer. Then start looking for sales leads in those segments that show promise.
  3. You try to be perfect – sure, we all want to achieve perfection, but in the world of marketing, perfection is disaster. In our desire to get the perfect product out, the perfect price display, the perfect market tapped, etc. our competition had already rolled out products that, while less than perfect, but are excellent enough for the needs of your intended markets. It is all right to be the best. It is trying to be perfect that messes things up.
  4. You let negativity rule you – a pessimistic mind creates a grim reality. This is the one rule that you must always be wary of. You see, if you let the negativity of your life get to you (like poor results in your telemarketing campaigns), you end up making it even worse. Try to stay positive, believe that you can do it. Soon enough, you will be able to reach what you have always been aiming for.
  5. You slow down your pacing – it might be tempting to rest on your laurels after a really profitable business deal, but you should not make that mistake. Remember, marketing and B2B lead generation is a marathon, not a dash. Those that stay long enough running will eventually win the race, while those that stopped after a quick burst are often left behind.

If you can get rid of these bad lead generation habits, and you will succeed in your campaign in the end.