Bad Habits That Ruin Your B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Bad Habits That Ruin Your B2B Lead Generation CampaignYou know that a B2B lead generation campaign is dependent on the capable handling of your marketing team. You need to plan well, select the right people, target the right market, and choose the proper communication tools that can maximize your impact on potential sales leads.

Still, there are some of us who are probably mystified with the poor showing of their marketing campaigns. Why is this so? If the planning and process is all right, where could you possibly go wrong? Have you ever thought of your own team? Maybe they have some habits which, while harmless at first glance, may actually be a bad thing. As for what these habits are, maybe the ones below can give you some good ideas:

  1. Working solo – now, being the lone wolf may be good for B2B appointment setting negotiations, since this mitigates the impact of failures, but having different contact points for a single prospect can provide you with added flexibility in case one marketer is unavailable. Besides, if you let your lone wolves work on a deal, there might be no support forthcoming from you since you were in the dark in the first place.
  2. B2B leads overflow – yes, while the thought of filling your sales pipeline with business prospects in appealing, you have to admit that this could spell badly for your business. I mean, you have to know just where to stop accepting orders, before you become unable to deliver to them all. It would be really embarrassing if you fail to deliver what you promise your prospects.
  3. Chasing bad leads – all right, there will be times when your telemarketing team finds a prospect that is so irresistible that they would chase it to no end, even if there are signs that this is already a lost deal. When that happens, well, you might have to step in and make them stop. There are other prospects that you can chase, other business opportunities that you could earn.
  4. Over-promising – yes, you want to impress your business prospects, but you telling them things that you would be unable to deliver are an even much worse practice. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers make that mistake, causing them to lose the deal. Better be straight, tell your sales leads prospects what you can or cannot do. That would be more appreciate by your prospects.
  5. Acting all high and mighty – this is one aspect in business that cannot be avoided, especially in cases where a single person seems to be getting all the deals. It might be a really good idea to talk to that person and let them know that, though they may be very successful, working well with the team is also important. If they cannot manage that, then you might have to let them go. Keeping such people in your marketing team will only poison the workplace and affect your work.

Sounds familiar to you? These are just some of the bad habits that you should get rid of in your B2B lead generation campaign.