Best Marketing Podcasts That Will Inspire Your Lead Generation for 2019


Let’s be honest, there are a lot of marketing and business podcasts out there, but only a few of them will ever tickle your fancy or be worth a second-listen or staying tuned for. In this short article, we list out the movers and shakers of marketing podcasts. So keep your headphones handy, it’s time to listen to do the best.

Much can be learned from listening to podcasts. You can choose from a wide variety of marketing experts, entrepreneurs and academicians who are gracious enough to share their personal insights and experiences about how to best market a product, service or event. What is more exciting is that most, if not all of them, can be accessed for free.

What is interesting about podcasts is that the speakers are constantly talking about emerging trends and best practices that are very relevant in this present age. Moreover, you can get new tips and advice (for your lead generation) on a daily basis if you have the time to listen. Just by listening to marketing podcasts, here are a few basic things you will learn:

  • Discover the main reason why you are doing what you do;
  • Know and understand your target market or audience;
  • The best way to create your own niche;
  • How to keep up with social media trends;
  • How to capture your market; and
  • Important strategies that will make your business competitive.

For the best marketing podcasts that you should make time to listen to, here are our choices:



If you want to understand Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, you will learn best from multi-millionaire entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck who puts out new podcast content every week where he answers previously submitted questions from followers. To make the podcast more exciting, he invites other celebrity guests to talk about new social media strategies, ideal platforms for different kinds of businesses, characteristics of an entrepreneur that are very important in order to be successful, and success secrets to name some.

Louder Than Words

Louder than Words

Louder Than Words is highly recommended for those who work in the creative side of marketing from content writers, creators, creative designers, graphics artists, designers, to company leaders. This podcast specializes in teaching listeners how to bank on their creativity and get ahead in the industry. The podcast hosted by John Bonini introduces new podcasts every week featuring interviews with varied forerunners in the creative marketing industry. Bonini gives them an avenue to reveal their personal creative processes with the hopes of inspiring others to find their best motivation.

Call to Action

Call to Action Podcast

If your intention is to engage in a one-of-a-kind digital marketing campaign that will take your business to the next level, it is best to learn from the best. And where it concerns groundbreaking digital marketing initiatives, Call to Action is able to give you the right answers. The podcast is hosted by Unbounce, a Canadian software company that produces landing pages for websites.

The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show

Entrepreneurs who mostly do their business online should go for The Fizzle Show as it usually features lessons on how to start a business, choose a business that will appeal to a bigger market, create a service or product that will serve a need, and how to know your audience better to mention a few. You will find this particular podcast intriguing as it features very engaging and ludicrous hosts who do not only speak truths about certain business practices but also have the capacity to entertain you while you learn something new.

Inbound After Hours

Inbound After Hours

To better understand how crucial the role of content is to your inbound lead generation strategy, it is best to check Inbound After Hours. The group specializes in helping in-house marketers deliver commendable results. Inbound After Hours is a certified partner of HubSpot, a US-based software developer, and marketer of products for inbound marketing and sales, further boosting the company’s value.

What is interesting in their podcast is that it is in video format and live interviews with well-known marketers are being featured.


Conversion Cast

If you are looking for concrete illustrations of how to make the most of your conversion rates, this is the best podcast to listen in order to strengthen your website traffic, customer sign-ups, email list, social shares, and user trials. You only need to allot a short period of time from your daily schedule as the episodes are only 15 minutes in length. You can choose from several episodes that you think serves your need best. Each episode features a significant person in the area of marketing.

It’s time for you to start listening to better things and getting your groove on with the latest and greatest in marketing knowledge. Switch to better business and marketing podcasts today, trust us, you won’t regret it all.