The Best Strategies to Increase Tech Leads and Conversions in Australia

The Best Strategies to Increase Tech Leads and Conversions in Australia

Technology will continue to drive economic growth in the Land Down Under. This is according to recent stats that show an increase in tech expenditures for the coming years. With that being said, it has become increasingly important for Australian tech firms to leverage the situation to generate high-quality tech leads.

In an article published in The Australian Financial Review, spending on tech is expected to reach at least $84 billion by the end of 2018. The 2.6 percent rise could be due to the fact that businesses are seeing great value in adopting cloud computing services as well as other recent software, IT and tech innovations in impacting their bottom lines.

Quoting a report from Gartner, the article goes on to point out that the enterprise software market will maintain a decent growth rate of about 11.7 percent. Obviously, cloud computing and other software-as-a-service products will continue to influence the way companies operate and in Australia where innovation thrives in cities like Melbourne, being able to invest in new tech means would mean surviving volatile conditions in the future.

This would compel tech firms into getting more IT leads in an effort to expand their client bases. Doing so would mean making full use of the most effective strategies that can secure higher numbers in lead conversions.

Here are just some of the ways Australian companies, from Brisbane to Sydney, can open up new opportunities.

Nurture your garden of leads

In the field of business, outreach is still as relevant as Van Halen. Perhaps, more so considering the fact that engaging potential clients directly can make your revenues JUMP!

Whether you are handling a tech startup or you re already an established player in the field, you will have to realize the importance of nurturing your leads. It starts with the assumption that not all leads can directly purchase a product based on an initial interaction with your marketing content. Generating interest does not automatically mean higher conversions.

Apparently, it doesn’t work that way. Tech buyers today have become meticulous in selecting products or services that are specifically tailored to their needs. Unlike before, businesses have set up their own criteria for purchasing a service. Bypassing such stringent standards would be a challenge to firms that want to influence tech buyers into staying in their pipelines.

Then again, all it takes to convert these interactions into sales is to pay attention to what clients want and modifying your message based on their expectations. Lead nurturing is one such activity that allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your message and your lead generation efforts as a whole. Once you deliver the kind of message your clients wanted to hear, increasing your conversion would just be a walk in the park.

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Stay social

This is a no-brainer. What enterprise operates without a social media presence, for Pete’s sake!

Even though social media marketing doesn’t directly produce the conversions you need to grow your business, it still has value in terms of influencing how your audience perceives your product or service.

The key here is to establish a strong social media presence by way of sharing content that’s relevant to your market. Not only would this improve your search engine rank, it can also provide prospects with an endless stream information that are crucial to making a decision to purchase an IT product.

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Produce your own videos and webinars

Going beyond the conventional strategies to increase tech leads and IT appointments, you need to look for a better way to engage your audience and get them to purchase an offer.

And since tech clients would always opt to get more information about a product or service, producing your own videos and holding a series of webinars would seem like a viable option.

For sure, tech startups are also looking into the value that video streaming platforms have to their bottom lines. This would explain why most companies in this industry are investing a lot of time and resources into making informative and engaging videos. Webinars, meanwhile, are similarly effective since it allows you to communicate with prospects directly.

This level of directness is crucial to helping a client decide on hiring you as an essential partner and, in the long run, increase your revenue.

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