Don’t Just Blast Cold Email Pitches, Nurture and Win Customers [VIDEO]

Email blasting is used to reach out and connect to a much wider audience. However, sending irrelevant emails becomes ineffective because it can cause prospects to ignore future emails. Luckily, lead nurturing was born!

Upon subscription, marketers can develop relationships with prospects at every stage of the sales funnel by nurturing them.  Here are 4 reasons why lead nurturing wins over email blast.



Reason #1. It is automated

Define your next move depending on the status of your prospect. How?

  • Create different templates per status, and
  • Schedule email send out and follow up

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Reason #2. It is timely

Email response increases when you connect with every lead upon subscription when they are more interested in hearing from you.


Reason #3. Send emails with consent

Subscribers are more likely to open and read the email because they asked for it.

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Reason #4. It is more targeted

Meaning, upon subscription;

  • Subscribers have the freedom to choose what topics to subscribe to.
  • Marketers can follow up depending on the level of interest of your sales prospect.
  • Marketers can create content based on the needs and wants of the prospect.

Email marketing isn’t about selling; it’s about developing and nurturing relationships that lead to sales. In order to win customers, don’t just blast, nurture.


Author Bio:

Dara Lin

Dara Lin is a Marketing Specialist at Callbox Australia. She is a coffee trailblazer, general music fanatic, and an internet enthusiast. Follow Dara on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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