Don’t Miss This Year’s Tech Trade Shows in Australia

Don’t Miss This Year’s Tech Trade Shows in Australia

Business events will no doubt continue to play a significant role in enabling companies to thrive in a highly volatile and competitive ecosystem. Trade shows, in particular, prove to be very effective along the lines of creating business linkages and building rock-solid brands.

In the age of social media, engagement basically drives business success. There is an even greater need for participation, and with that said, it has become essential for Australian tech companies to not miss out on the most important trade shows in Australia for the year.

Here’s a list you would want to put into your organizer.

CeBIT Australia

When: 15-17 May 2018

Where: International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour

If you are looking to exhibit your products and services to the right audience and in the right venue, this year’s CeBIT provides you a great venue for doing so. Now on it’s 17th year, the event rakes in at least 15,000 attendees with 300 plus organizations taking part in the tech exhibition, with products ranging from cybersecurity, AI and financial services.

Topics touching on industry issues, trends, and innovations will be delivered by some of the biggest names behind global brands, such as  Symantec CEO Greg Clark, Yamaha CEO and Managing Director Horoshi Saijou, and AKIN CEO Liesl Yearsely.

Didn’t register in time for the CeBIT? Don’t fret. Read on and discover more tech events you can join in.

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When: 22-24 August 2018

Where: International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour

INTEGRATE is another important event in Sydney you wouldn’t want to miss out, especially if you are in the business of VR and AR integration. IT professionals and industry leaders will converge to explore new horizons in the AV industry, best business practices and seminars to enhance current knowledge on new AV products. For now, organizers are searching for people who can take part as education advocates and influencers.

Register here to represent your organization at Integrate.  

Technology and Gadget Expo Melbourne

When: 13-14 October 2018

Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center

The Technology and Gadget Expo or TGE is one of Australia’s biggest technology and innovation events. Slated in the last quarter of the year, the TGE gathers influencers and entrepreneurs from Australia and other parts of the globe to showcase what innovations they have in store for the tech market. Product demonstrations and discussions are on the menu for companies from various industries including gaming, robotics, wearable technologies, and health.

Women in Technology Conference

When: 6-7 September 2018

Where: International Convention Centre Sydney

Women play a vital role in tech innovation. In fact, a considerable number of tech firms are run by women, demonstrating how the tech industry supports empowerment. This is the very reason why the Women in Technology Conference is being held. At least 1,000 delegates are expected, with discussions centering on the instrumental role that women have in organizational decision-making as well as key insights into specific technological trends and innovations. Aside from the usual keynote addresses, participants will also undergo technical classes and career development workshops. Though it doesn’t involve a lot of product exhibitions, the conference is no doubt a good way to involve your brand in issues that matter in the industry.

Be inspired by attending the Women in Technology Conference. Visit their site to learn more