Elevate Your Sydney Tech Business with These Marketing Tips

Elevate Your Sydney Tech Business with These Marketing Tips

The opportunities in the technology business seem endless but marketers need to identify the most important marketing elements to elevate the technology business.

Create Blogs

Statistics show that B2B markets using blogs generate 67% more traffic and websites, largely increasing the number of indexed pages and keyword usage on the website, which allows SEO to rank the website higher in search engine results.

Determine which keywords and phrases that could draw traffic to your website. These are words that are relevant to your industry or business. By using analytic tools, you will be able to review the keywords that bring visitors to your website. Publish fresh quality blogs consistently to increase the indexed pages on your website and create entry points for resources to your website. You may also include teasers in a form of questions to generate discussion about your blog.

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Build PR for your Brand

Get your name known both to customers and competitors. Public relations is ‘free advertising’ as per business experts. PR can work through intermediaries like spokespersons, stocks analysts, employees, customers, investors, and trendsetters who can communicate your brand with your audience and influence them.

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Leverage on Email Marketing

Most technology companies use email marketing for several reasons like thank customers for subscribing to newsletters, invite them to view contents, an event or webinar or inform customers of updates on products and services. Email marketing is ‘the king of the marketing kingdom with 4400% ROI and $44 for every dollar spent’, as per Campaign Monitor.

Although social media networks are impressively hitting large audiences worldwide, email marketing poses a longer reach than any social network. Every web user who goes online, in any social and professional network, is required of an email address before he can create an account or log in to a certain site.

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Socialize via Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Networks

60 million businesses have Facebook pages but around 87% of posts on those pages are hardly commented. That’s why it’s important to build your list of followers carefully, segmenting them on lists based on particular hashtags or interest, and at the same time read and respond to questions.

A key to customer service, drives targeted traffic, boosts your site’s SEO, helps you understand your audience, build relationship with your audience, allows targeting and retargeting, helps you get noticed at trade fairs, generate earned media coverage, builds brand loyalty, are just a few of the seemingly endless benefits of social media.

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There’s an array of marketing strategies that technology businesses can take to elevate success rates, but should choose the ones that would address the need of the business and yield results.