Five Lead Generation Myths To Get Rid Of

Five Lead Generation Myths To Get Rid Of

In the course of our B2B lead generation campaigns, we would often encounter various practices that seem to help us do our work. While these may be rooted to tradition, cultural dictates, or just probably got feeling, these are not to be taken lightly. If these can bring us the B2B leads that we need, then by all means we should use these. But what about those marketing tactics that cause us to lose sales leads? Maybe we need a closer look to understand this. These may sound like real appointment setting advice, but these may actually be nothing more than myths. And there are a lot of these myths you should get rid of, mind you. And of those myths, the most damaging are the ones listed below.

1. “You need to be pushy to make a sale” – recall that one time when you have a really good experience while making a personal purchase. Was the seller being pushy to you? If not, there you go, that confirms that the above quote is just a myth. You see, to be effective in lead generation, it is not enough to have something to sell. You also need to know if your prospect is going to buy. If not, give them a reason to, but in a very subtle and gentle manner.

2. “I cannot directly reach my buyers” – now, this is a problem that one often encounters in a telemarketing campaign. You call, someone else answer the phone, and pretty much most of your conversation is spent on that person. Now, most amateurs would see this as an obstacle and give up, but veterans would see this as an opportunity. They could use this contact to mine more information about the target prospect, making your next call more successful.

3. “I do not want to bother the B2B leads prospect” – again, this is an erroneous assumption. You see, if you have something really good to offer, then who are they to reject your call? In fact, they might even hold it against you if you do not immediately contact them. Actually, you can integrate other marketing methods, aside from the phone. You can use social media in tandem, subtly informing your prospects about your business.

4. “I am not that quick on the reply” – if you fear that you are too slow, that you might not be able to answer quickly any inquiry of your prospective sales leads, then you will be. The mind has quite an influence on reality. But, if you think you can, if you think you can do it, if you think you can be your best, then that will also become a reality. So be confident and just do it.

5. “I cannot find the right words to ask for the sale” – honestly, you are asking for the sale, nothing can be simpler than that. No need for fancy words or the like. Just ask them if they are interested with your offer or not.

Really, you can do away with these details, for the sake of making your lead generation campaign a success.