A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Developing a Successful Marketing Tech Stack

A B2B Marketer's Guide to Developing a Successful Marketing Tech Stack

Developing a successful marketing stack is extremely important if you want to thrive in the technological landscape of the 21st century.

If your company or business still does not have initiatives to build up your marketing technology stack, it is probably one of several reasons why your competitors are way ahead of you in the game. By now, you should have made “marketing technology stack” a household name for you and your team. This means working towards bigger initiatives to invest in updated technology that will give your business the online marketing boost it needs in order to reach more and more people worldwide.

Aside from meaningful and well thought out content, you also need to invest on marketing software solutions that allow you to access, process and store huge amounts of data that will be very helpful when you intend to sell a product or service. It is also highly recommended that you work on building your own marketing tech stack when every intention to meet all of your marketing goals in a given period of time.

In advertising and promotion, for instance, marketing activities commonly include public relations, video advertising, mobile marketing, social media advertising, and content advertising to name a few. A well-programmed marketing tool added to your tech stack can make all these activities easier and faster to achieve. Other areas where you will be needing a reliable tech stack would include your optimization, email marketing, and automation needs.

Here is a guide to building your ideal marketing tech stack to make your business very competitive:

1. Give importance to analytics.

Give priority to technology that filters and processes micro-conversions such as when potential clients subscribe to your newsletter, fill out survey forms or simply create an account on your website. These little actions mean that something about your content attracted the interest of your target client. Put together, multiple micro conversions can mean a great dealer your business.

Use predictive analytics with assistance from a well-designed software program to help you and your team make sound and intelligent strategies that will convince your target market to avail of what you are offering.

Use your collected data to your company’s advantage. Study the little details and do not overlook them. Always make them part of the bigger equation of things so you do not end up overlooking details that can contribute greatly to your marketing initiatives.

2. Invest in a reliable content management system (CMS).

To better equip your content creators to be strategic about what they write, consider incorporating SEO information in your CMS. This will ensure that your content team is well aware of words, phrases, titles, number of words, and descriptions that will boost your optimization.

Maximize the benefits that can be gained from tagging and categorizing. Categorizing will help you and your team of writers come up with more personalised email content.

Track the performance and effectiveness of your content with help from your CMS. A marketing automation software will also come in very handy when you wish to find out how many visits your page garnered in a given period of time.

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3. Invest in a tool that will boost your email marketing activities.

Choose only the best and trustworthy email marketing service. As can be expected, you would want an email service that offers high deliverability and the ease of managing your contacts, groups and other important categories.

Study the statistics that your email platform will generate for you. It is best to find out when is the best time to send emails, how often and how long the content should be when promoting a certain product or service.

Remember that fortifying your marketing tech stack is really about gaining an edge over several competitors out there in the market who are also thinking of many ways to stay ahead of you. Our digital generation has made marketing easier, yet highly competitive at the same time. Staying competitive means having the same technology as your competitor or even better.


While technology does not fully guarantee the success of your marketing campaign sans the human hands that are operating it, it is still quite promising in terms of how easy and fast your team will be able to execute activities and generate helpful data at the same time. At the end of the day, having the best technology and the most talented employees will do wonders for your business.

Be sure to cleanse your data and verify every time you have a chance to in order for you to come up with better results in each and every time. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to start developing that marketing stack today.