How Marketing Agencies Can Attract More Advertisers Through Lead Generation


Getting a constant stream of advertisers coming is not an easy feat.

However, lead generation offers a lot of agencies plenty of hope in keeping queues filled and having online real estate leased out.

In this article, we take a look at how agencies can attract more advertisers to come in.

Partner Up With Other Agencies

Chances are you have web property that’s in one or a couple of specific niches, and there’s another agency out there with clients that could use your advertising space online.

One way to get access to those advertisers is to start creating mutual benefit partnerships that allow you to collaborate with other agencies doing the same thing. In this way, you get to share leads and pass clients along to each other, depending on the prospect’s needs.

You can either compensate the agency with a commission or an x-deal, which can keep the collaboration going.

Employ the Use of ABM in Lead Generation

ABM or account-based management has found a lot of relevance in companies that deal with B2B sales, and their methods can be used by agencies looking for new advertisers to add to their funnels.

The way it works is simple; you identify your ideal customers followed with intensive research on what type of content, marketing, or advertising they would be interested in.

Once you’re done with groundwork, it’s time to start crafting material that will resonate with them.

In ABM, it’s the personalized approach that works wonders. People want to feel like the content was made, especially for them, and they’re tired of sifting through emails that don’t apply to the industry or situation that they’re in.

With ABM, you don’t even have to emphasize a hard sales strategy, but rather attempt to woo in your clients by providing value and the like.

Be a Thought Leader Wherever Your Prospective Advertisers Are

It doesn’t matter if your prospect is on a particular Facebook or LinkedIn group, you’ve got to make sure that you have a notable presence there.

Building a presence doesn’t just have to mean being active and engaging on the platform.

Hire a Third-Party Lead Generation Expert

There are a lot of third-party lead generation experts that are well-versed in tough niches that can help bring in prospective advertisers, and it’s worth giving them a shot.

A common argument against this is that it can get expensive to hire a third-party, but it can actually save you more in the long run.

You don’t have to go through the trouble of running your own lead generation campaign, you save overheads, and the long-term benefits of getting a consistent advertiser outweigh the initial costs.

A third-party expert will also have the necessary experience in the niche to build more efficient lead generation campaigns.

Gated Content

Looking at drawing in a couple more leads? Then, make full use of gated content.

Gated content doesn’t have to be anything groundbreaking; it can be as simple as excel tools or an exhaustive article or guide that you have on your website. Make sure that you offer these for free, provided that prospects give you a couple of details about themselves.

The great thing about gated content is that it allows you to sift through people who are not interested in what you have to offer. By giving out their email address, you know that they are interested in the particular subject of the giveaway that you have, and you can tweak your targeted marketing to their interests.

Referral Programs

From affiliate marketing to those exclusive discount coupons that you get when you refer a friend, referral programs are still one of the best ways to get people to bring in leads for you.

Make sure that you have an attractive referral program that compensates your partners either in cash or with free advertising of their own.

Look to your current advertisers and give them special programs and perks for telling your friends about you. You’ll find that there are a lot of opportunities within your own circle.

Make Sure Your SEO is in Order

Nobody’s going to want to advertise with you if you’re not visible in organic search. Your SEO statistics are going to be a part of the portfolio that you show to prospects, and if you’re not standing out, it’s not going to gain you any clients.

But, apart from that, SEO is required for you to rank on specific keywords that your prospects are trying to vie for. Being visible is enough proof in itself that your online real estate is worth the money that they’re paying for.

These simple steps are essential in ensuring that you have a steady stream of leads coming through your pipeline. Advertising is highly competitive, but with a little creativity, you can keep the advertisers coming in through the door.


Author Bio:

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