How Lead Generation Blogs can help you Market your Business

How Lead Generation Blogs can help you Market your Business


How Lead Generation Blogs can help you Market your BusinessBlogs that are intended for business do not exist solely for the purpose of posting relevant information for customers. They also help in making other people within and outside the industry that such a business like yours exists. In short, lead generation.

There are two basic ways to achieve that: one is by making your blog ‘searchable’ through search engines, thus potentially introducing your site to a new audience; and two, by making your blog content viral and shareable so that more people would be made aware of your blog and ultimately, your brand.

But aside from those things, B2B lead generation blogs can offer other incentives for online marketers, and even for those whose business are entirely offline, as enumerated in a post at Below is an excerpt:

  • A blog can position you even more as an expert. Blogs typically focus on niche areas of a business or specific topics of interest.
  • In the spirit of guerrilla marketing, blogs are low- or no-cost. A small investment in a domain name and a website hosting service will more than put you well on your blogging way.
  • Blogs communicate news and make announcements instantly. Your prospects and customers are interested in the news you make, the news you share and the news you announce.
  • Blogs allow for the building of communities.The whole concept of “community” is a recent trend in the dynamics of marketing and targeting. Popular blogs become profitable blogs. Blogs become more popular the same way websites become popular: by marketing them.
  • An extension of the community is developing one-on-one relationships. Talk to your audience as if you are having a one-on-one conversation.
  • Blogs have value. Customers and prospects want, need, like and buy value. Information can be very valuable.

As you can see, there are numerous ways a blog can be beneficial to a business. The key is to create a consistent game plan as to how you would want to convey your marketing message to your target audience, as well as to how you would want them to get in touch.

This is where your telemarketing and appointment setting activities would come in. The stronger the foundation through the credibility of your blog posts, the easier it would be to transact and build business relationships with your audience.

Source: Why You Should Use Blogs and Podcasts to Market Your Business