How To Negotiate And Win More Sales Leads In Australia

How-To-Negotiate-And-Win-More-Sales-Leads-In-AustraliaOne of the most challenging parts of a lead generation campaign, especially when telemarketing is used as the communication medium, is the negotiation between you and the business prospects. This is also the most important as well, since this is the point where sales leads can be turned into an actual sale or closed deal. Still, for those who are not familiar with this type of work, or perhaps their first time to do such, it can be a very daunting task. But if you just know where to start, and what you should be preparing for, then you would be able to succeed. What matters here is that you:

  1. Know your real position – remember, the side with the weaker position will have to give up the most during negotiation. If you need the deal more than your prospects do, walking away from it becomes harder to do.
  2. Know the other side’s thinking – this is not that hard to do. You just need to study their market or sales performance, as well as their interest in you when you first made the appointment setting call. If you think the other side is looking more on price, try to steer them towards your business by focusing on your technical or technological prowess.
  3. Be aggressive – this is the winning move for business negotiations, but you need to know how to tread there well. Be ready to give up unnecessary points, if that will get you the points you really want.

These simple strategies will help you convert more B2B leads into actual B2B deals.