2021 Lead Gen Strategies for Enterprise Tech Companies


Besides the weird technological advances, there’s also been an increase in tools that make our work lives easier. Areas like sales, marketing, and customer service are benefiting from the rise of technological advances like AI, machine learning, and automation.

Generating high-quality leads has never been so important for B2B organizations — and the way we do it is evolving. Here, we’ve put together our top tips for executing the most effective lead generation strategies ahead of 2021. Use these ideas to fuel your plan and future-proof your new business strategy.

More personalized outreach with buyer intent data

Buyer intent data is aggregated data that provides insight into where people (and companies) are in their buying cycle. 

It’s like getting a bird’s eye view of where your prospects are going and what they are doing. 

Buyer intent data can super-charge the sales process by providing detailed information about what prospects are looking for so you can personalize your outreach efforts. 

For example, Leadfeeder gathers data about who visits your website and what actions they take once they get there. 

You might see that a company has visited your website five times in the last few weeks and read a blog post about enterprise tips, took a look at your service page, and viewed your pricing page for enterprise companies.

Stop relying on events for lead generation

Networking events have been a reliable source of new business leads for as long as every marketer can remember. The past few months have showcased that this won’t always be possible — and ensuring you have a plan B that caters to a digital-first and remote working audience is vital.

Put your website at the center of your strategy

For too long, B2B marketers have ignored the power of their websites. In 2021, your business website is the B2B equivalent of the high-street shop window. So, yours needs to be a central-focus of your strategy — a hub of engaging content that keeps your visitors coming back for more. You have access to a world of data — use it!

To generate the best leads, you need to know exactly who your audience is and what they best respond to. From your existing customers and your website analytics, to your one-time website visitors and your digital marketing campaign results — you have a bounty of vital data at your fingertips.

Get savvy on social media

Social media can introduce you to thousands of new leads — so make your presence count. Boost engagement with stories and live videos; build relationships through influencer, affiliate and partner marketing campaigns; experiment with social selling and employee advocacy — and capitalize on this engagement by directing every post back to your website.

The power of personalization

With great data comes great responsibility — so if you know what your audiences want, you need to be personalizing your marketing output to meet their specific needs. Start by personalizing landing pages and URLS; segment your audience by industry, and embrace personalization software to deliver bespoke experiences at scale

Track your website performance and visitor behavior with analytics

If you’re not already using a website analytics tool, you could be missing out on hordes of opportunities to improve your site and engage your visitors. Analytics will help you see where your website needs enhancing, show you your best-performing pages, highlight your top referrer channels and more.

Optimize your site for conversions

Using your analytics, implement a conversion-rate optimization (CRO) strategy that encourages each and every website visitor to convert. From the way your site looks and where you place your calls-to-action, to the colors you use and the length of your forms, every element plays a crucial role in converting traffic.

Interactive content: the ultimate lead magnet

Static content will soon be a thing of the past — with the demand for interactivity at an all-time high. Interactive content is a great way to generate new business leads, especially if your website or product can’t offer on-site purchases. Increase engagement with surveys, quizzes, tool kits and more.

The Takeaway

Technology and software companies have to contend with long buying cycles, which can be difficult at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Generating leads is especially difficult with unique challenges and obstacles in the way, but in using these strategies as part of your bigger marketing strategy can help stretch the reach of your brand awareness to your target audience.