Lead Generation In Australia? Get Some Tips From Axe’s Susan Glenn

Lead Generation In Australia_Get Some Tips From Axe’s Susan Glenn

In a fresh change from the norm, Axe’s Susan Glenn commercial showed that going a bit out of character can have a positive impact on your marketing campaign. Usually know for its ‘chick-magnet’ marketing ads that portray dweebs and nerds as god’s gift to women (upon spraying their products), the commercial went for the nostalgic feel of the “girl who got away”. Simple, yet sophisticated, it brought a whole new meaning to subliminal messaging. And it can be a lesson for your lead generation campaign in Australia. Sometimes, stepping out of character can get you the sales leads that your business will need. Properly done, this can improve your performance.

Feelings plays a key role here. Even if your product is new, or your company is unknown, if you appeal to the longing of customers and business prospects for better times, then you have got yourself an interested market. Add a little touch of creative choice of words, a human voice to your brand, and a empathetic mindset, then you can get a better chance of appealing to your appointment setting prospects in Australia. It can make generating B2B leads much easier then.

It does not hurt to step out of your character. Let us take telesales, as an example. Sure, people are tired of hearing telesellers on the phone. But try change the character of the callers. Let us say, they are your business consultants, or maybe career advisors. That may sound like a deception, but if you really stick to that role, and really give useful advice and info, then you have got it.

That is what pretty much made the Susan Glenn promotion a success.