Lead Generation Lessons From Steve Jobs For The Australian Market

A man reading a book about Steve Jobs

What makes a marketer effective in lead generation? This is just one of the many questions that have always come foremost in the minds of those responsible in generating qualified B2B leads in Australia. Perhaps we can take a page from the late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Considering the number of people praising his style of selling (not to mention a significant number vilifying the same strategies), we can learn a thing or two about our own way of getting sales leads, especially if we use telemarketing for our work. So, how can we do it, Steve Jobs-style?

First, we should be aggressive. Not in the sense that we are intruding into the life of our business prospects, but more along the fine line of not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Basically speaking, nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Second, focus on presentation. Why else was Jobs able to get that ‘wow’ reaction from his buyers? Because he knows how to present well. It is the same thing with you, if you want to turn sales leads into a closed deal. Being able to stand out in the ground meant presenting something in the most attractive manner possible.

Third, always deliver. What is the use of all those aggressive selling and presentation if you do not deliver what you promise? This is the greatest strength that Jobs’ company did, and this is something that we can learn for our appointment setting campaign.

These are the three main points that you can learn from Steve Jobs. You can use these to ensure that your lead generation campaign is more successful.