Lead Generation Tips for Top Industries in Australia

Lead Generation Tips for Top Industries in Australia

Constant lead generation is a must for any company, but sometimes it can be daunting for any marketer or sales team.

However, there are a lot of things that one can do to make the process easier, no matter what industry they are in.

From B2B healthcare services to financial lead generation, here are a few tips that can make any lead generation effort much more efficient in producing better results.

Retargeted Ads for People Who Visit Your Website

Did you know that if you retarget your website visitors with display ads, they are more likely to convert to whatever you are promoting at a rate of 70 percent? This is a statistic worth looking at.

Once someone visits your website, it shows you that they are curious about your product or service. A retargeted display ad allows you to reach your prospect again, nurture them, or remind them of your product.

Retargeted display advertising is applicable in almost every industry, and it works great for sending lead nurturing messages to prospective customers.

Creating Content for Non-Technical Members of DMUs

This tip works well for technical industries, such as handling tech leads. It works by the principle that not everyone in the decision-making unit (DMU) is a technician and that you need to simplify some processes.

Take, for example selling complicated cloud solutions. Even if the hallmark of your product is some sort of revolutionary technological breakthrough, you won’t be able to sell it if only your prospect’s IT guys understand it.

You need to create content for everyone in a decision-making unit to understand. Talk about your solutions to the non-technical team, get into the details with their IT, it’s all about being able to inform everyone about the benefits your solution regardless of their position.

Advertise on Facebook

Digital ad spending can get expensive, but if you were to choose a medium, Facebook might be the right choice because almost everyone is on it. There are different ways to utilize Facebook to promote your product.

One of the best ways to use Facebook is to build a custom audience. You can upload a list of emails from a specific customer list and show these select people ads. It’s pretty nifty if you want to retarget a particular group of people.

You can even build on this list by allowing Facebook to make you a lookalike audience based on the email list that you’ve uploaded. In this way, you can have access to more people than you can reach.

Creating Premium Content to Give Away

Whitepapers and case studies are still the best way to establish yourself as an industry leader. If an organization puts in the effort to research their prospects for free, it shows that they are knowledge leaders who are confident in their position.

Creating premium content is not only limited to technical papers. You can create interactive content that resonates with a lot of people in the industries that you are targeting. You can always craft innovative ways of presenting your products and services using technology such as AR and VR.

Video tutorials are great for distributing content for different types of roles and for strengthening the brand image as an information leader.

The Length of the Sale and the Follow-Ups

In industries such as B2B healthcare, the length of the sale usually takes long. This is because of the cyclical nature of their budgets. However, this should not be an excuse not to follow up regularly.

A lot of sales are lost due to poor follow up processes, and a lot of leads become cold because companies fail to remind their prospects about their presence.

High growth organizations report about 16 touchpoints per prospect, putting into perspective how significant following up is.

You need automated marketing that sends follow-ups regularly to make sure that you don’t forget to do so.

Account-Based Marketing is Still the Way to Go

ABM is one of the most powerful methods of lead generation that you can engage in because it allows you to create personalized approaches for different buyer personas.

By customizing the approach, you get to connect with the prospect properly and you get to be personal with them.

ABM is also great for people with limited resources because it utilizes your efforts efficiently. 

Proper appointment setting and lead generation in Australia is achievable, no matter what industry it involves. It’s essential to have the proper systems in place and to be persistent and regular in lead generation efforts.

Procuring leads on a regular basis for B2B companies is one of the most crucial parts of the sales process because it ensures that there is a constant stream of clients coming in.