Lead Generation Vs Demand Generation: The Real Score

Lead Nurturing And Management Is The Key To Successful B2B Lead Generation

When it comes to modern marketing, we are usually faced by two very important terms: Lead Generation and Demand Generation. The two are said to contrast each other in a dialectic fashion, where one is the thesis and the other is the antithesis.

On account of their distinctiveness, trying to make a profit-generating synthesis between the two seems difficult.

With that in mind, how can we effectively harmonize them to our advantage? The first thing we must do is to know the advantages of both.

Demand Generation:

First of all, demand generation focuses on having your products and services presented to your intended public, thereby creating demands for such offers. Often described as pure marketing, it seeks to create awareness and let your prospects know you are out there. Social media, promotional activities and special events are typically utilized to increase awareness. So, in a way, it’s all about presentation and frequency. Success then depends on how well you brand your offers.

Lead Generation: A Trip Down the Funnel

Lead generation on the other hand involves a more active participation on the part of your prospects. In many cases, it is described as a discipline more skewed to sales. The main task here is to direct potential buyers through the purchase funnel, the first step of which is to acquire the right information on them.

Now, in an article posted on LeadforMix, generating leads is different in that it is punctuated by fill forms. Fill forms allow interested business prospects to supply your company with their information so as to lead them to make future purchases.

The Rundown

Now, the fact that we are dealing with this dualism shouldn’t lead us into thinking that both are at odds. In fact, both complement each other, not in a holistic sense but rather in a hierarchy, where one comes before the other. For instance, once your business comes into plain sight, your prospects may provide pertinent data and contacts using fill forms supplied during the event.

B2B appointment setting can be properly initiated once you base your strategies on which marketing method comes first. And that is for you, as a business leader, to decide.

Source:   Demand Generation Vs Lead Generation: Tell Them Apart