4 Tips to Optimize LinkedIn for Outbound B2B Lead Generation

4 Tips to Optimize LinkedIn for Outbound B2B Lead Generation (Featured Image)

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools online that utilizes both a social media platform combined with a professional user base. However, what some people don’t fully utilize is an outbound lead generation campaign using the platform. Networking sites such as LinkedIn can really power up your outbound lead generation strategy.

In the next couple of minutes, we will be discussing tips on ensuring that your outbound lead generation on LinkedIn is as efficient as possible.

Understand That It Is Similar to Looking for a Job

One of the primary purposes of the LinkedIn Platform is for people to find jobs and connect with other people that share network opportunities. It is by understanding the platform in this light that you can start your outbound lead generation strategy.

Many of the techniques that you will use to drive outbound lead generation are the same techniques that jobseekers or headhunters use. It is by simplifying the process and your mindset going into your strategy of lead generation.

Optimize Your Profile

The first step in your LinkedIn lead generation strategy is ensuring that your profile is fully optimized to reflect the professionalism of your company. This does not just purely mean filling up all the significant boxes with data, but ensuring that they are filled out properly.

Something as simple as optimizing your profile photo or cover can be overlooked so these mistakes should be prevented from the onset. For example, you might have a profile photo uploaded and it looks professional and all, but does the expression on your face garner the trust that you want from potential clients?

Is your profile fresh? Even in SEO, digital marketing experts all agree that having fresh content really makes the difference in showing profile visitors that you really know your market. Make sure that you’re always publishing articles and/or posts showcasing your activity to the people on the platform.

This establishes you as a market leader in your industry, bringing about trust and professionalism to potential clients and leads.

Know Your Market (We’re Serious)

People often fail to consider the market that they are in combined with the attitudes of the people on the platform. This can prove to be problematic in many occasions. Researching what your peers are doing is not something to be ashamed of since this can really lead you to improve on key aspects of your strategy.

Some markets react differently to what you showcase on LinkedIn and others demand a certain type of content from “industry influencers”. The more you get to know your market on the platform, the higher that success rate. This is part of your planning and strategizing process.

Persuade (but also pre-suade)

We talked about freshness and the content that you release earlier and this all coincides with the subconscious act of attracting your potential leads before you even reach out to them. Simple posts that you make or subtle advertising on the platform that reaches your target audience will help in the persuasion process before you reach out to them because they already have a rough idea of who you are.

This helps you seal the deal because before you even reach out to your potential clients, you already have them looking at the way you and your company does things.

Personalization is Key

This is a common problem that we see very often. By adding just a small paragraph that takes less than ten to fifteen minutes to compose, you can personalize your pitch to your potential lead.

The reason that this little bit of effort works is the fact that most people do not like being generalized and would rather have personalized correspondence designed for them. We’re sure that you can remember the last time you received a generic email and its non-effect on you because it felt so monotonous and effortless.

It is a fact that personalized correspondence really works wonders in reaching out to clients.

This also signals to your potential clients that you know what you’re doing and that you will go the extra mile to deliver great and reliable services for them. In addition to this, you can even automate the personalization process should you feel that you do not have the time to execute it properly. There’s a lot of software available that can help you automatically place in last names and other relevant information once you have collected and collated relevant information about your prospect.

By applying just a few of these tips, you can make sure that your efforts on this powerful professional social site aren’t wasted and that you’re efficient as possible. This leads to effective results utilizing minimal resources.

However, these are only just a few of the things that you can do on this platform and with just a little exploration and tweaking, you can definitely do more!