Localized Digital Lead Generation: Strategies to Attract B2B Customers

Localized Digital Lead Generation: Strategies to Attract B2B Customers

Top brands with localized digital lead generation campaigns are edged over others who don’t. There is a lot of power in using local digital marketing strategies such as that deliver good results to businesses. Here are a few they suggest:

Local Content Marketing

Create engaging contents that talk about things that people would like to know. Answer their questions. Utilize corporate blogging to get your message to your target audience, and spare a few dollars ($5-$50) for promoted posts on Facebook to fuel a little social media seeding.

Partner with Local Influencers

Partnering with huge name influencers will not guarantee effectiveness and may cost quite expensive, so tap local niche influencers in your place (state or city). Also, connect with local bloggers in your area and see who has the best interest in industries such as yours. This will introduce your business to new and relevant market in your area.

Social Media Advertising

Almost everyone in the planet is on social media, so grab the opportunity of being seen and heard by the public, but most especially by the people in your circle who could possibly voluntarily share your message to their network of friends and colleagues. Social ads can help drive awareness for your brand which may affect website traffic and result to lead conversions.

Engage with Local Search Ads

Set up local search ads in Google to be listed at the top results when users search for information relevant to your business. This function will include a click-to-call link that will enable users to directly contact your business. Paid search ads operate on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis which means you pay only on the clicks your ads receive.


Capture mobile users by capitalizing on mobile traffic. This should be a top priority in your lead generation campaign, but in order to get your desired results, you need to create a website that is at par with today’s technology designs.

Think global, act local

Coca-cola is an expert at this strategy, and they suggest:

  • Humanize the global brand with a vision and mission that inspires (and translates in) local markets
  • Reorganize for global-local alignment and relationship -building
  • Shorten the feedback loop between local and global
  • Streamline content access and guidelines
  • Focus on driving adoption of global systems and processes