Long-term Lead Generation Outsourcing Creates Results


Every company wants to grow and generate more revenue, but in order to expand into new markets, corporations need to be able to generate leads, which can turn into new clients. Regardless of a company’s size, culture, or age, every business can benefit from having a lead generation system in place to streamline the process of securing new clients. 

The process of lead generation helps companies find prospects with an interest in the product or service that they are offering. From there, the company can “follow the lead” and attract interested prospects to the business through different marketing channels. Building a seamless lead generation system creates a seamless pipeline to closing deals. 

However, for some companies, deciding on a marketing channel, strategy, and lead pipeline can be daunting and expensive. Not to mention time-consuming. Lead generation takes time, and most campaigns do not see results for several months, whether local or outsourced. So when time is short and lead generation is in high demand, the solution to this problem is to outsource lead generation.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing lead generation provides several advantages. Anyone who has followed a lead all the way to closing knows that the process can be time-consuming. So is the lead generation process, and so when it comes to long-term lead generation, it is important to stick with the plan. Results may not come immediately, but once the ball gets rolling, your company will see a steady flow of new leads entering the funnel. Consistency breeds results. For companies that do not have the time to dedicate to this process, outsourcing provides a group of professionals whose entire job is to focus on lead generation and long-term success.

Divide and Conquer

Standing out in the global market is harder now than ever before due to the oversaturation of various sectors by competitors, many of whom are trying to steal your clients. Lead generation is important, but so is protecting the clients you already have. Rather than focusing time and money on building a pipeline and securing new clients, outsourcing the lead generation process can allow your company to dedicate more time to your existing customers.

Building the infrastructure of a new department dedicated to lead generation can be costly, especially on the front end, and it takes time to build the experience to reliably generate leads. By outsourcing, you immediately tap into a network of experienced professionals, whose sole purpose is to handle responsibilities such as lead generation. You do not have to spend money on new hiring, new technology, or training if you work with a company that already has experienced individuals. These outsourced lead generation companies have already taken the time to identify useful tools and experiment with which lead generation strategies are effective, so your company does not have to waste any time testing scripts or strategies. You can use the sales strategies that have already been developed by your outsourced teams, meaning that you can get started on finding those leads right away.

Outsourcing lead generation also connects you with technology and experts in that technology. In order to close deals, your sales reps need software to track their leads and organize the feedback they receive. With an outsourced sales team, these tools and software come built into the model. Additionally, lead generation companies have experts in multiple lead generation avenues, such as email outreach, content creation, SEO management, phone, etc.

These experts can not only provide scripts but give feedback that demonstrates how your outreach campaign is going, studying the trends over time. If appointments are going poorly, your team can update the script to refine the qualifying questions and check the database of prospects to ensure the correct ones are being targeted. A good partner will work with you over time to make sure that your campaign is successful over time, not just in the immediate future. 

Return on Investment

In the short term, outsourced lead generation helps streamline the sales process by getting your salespeople in touch with the prospects that matter. Rather than wasting countless hours cold calling and nurturing leads, your salespeople can focus on closing deals with the leads that have the intent to buy. Lead generation agencies focus on prospects that fit your ideal customer profile as well as individuals that are interested in your services. By funneling these prospects to your in-house sales team, your lead generation partners help ensure that your team is not wasting time on cold leads.

Additionally, if your outsourced lead generation company also does lead management, they can schedule appointments for you and continue to nurture the leads that you do not have time to address. While your salespeople are closing deals, your outsourced lead generation team can continue warming up those cold leads until they are ready to buy. This leads to a high return on investment because your salespeople are only getting the most qualified leads and can focus all their efforts on a higher probability of sale.

Your lead generation team will ensure that any prospects coming your way are the right fit and worth pursuing. Not all leads will have an immediate turnover, but by being more selective in the lead generation process, you are able to focus on the leads that are more likely to create an opportunity for your company, whether it be now or months down the line.

However, partnering with a lead generation company is not an overnight fix to your problems. Outbound lead generation campaigns are more about the long-term results than the short-term. In the first few months, your major ROI comes in the form of your local teams having more time and energy to dedicate to existing clients. Your outbound lead generation will take time and the first few months require a lot of communication to make sure that your company and your partner’s team are on the same page. However, once an equilibrium is reached, this partnership will begin to generate a large volume of leads, which turn into sales.

It Takes Time

Ongoing outsourced lead generation campaigns can take time, but then so does any good lead generation campaign. Looking at the first few months of a campaign rarely shows exactly how successful it could be. Aim for at least six months; it may seem like a long time, but with a consistent flow of sales-ready leads, the wait is worth it. An average sale is going to take around three months, and after six months you will be able to identify a trend with your lead generation provider and fully analyze their results. Once the pipeline is set up, it will continue to deliver quality leads far into the future. Also, the time that it takes to get the pipeline going also gives your company plenty of time to set up internal support and maximize your lead conversion into sales.

What to Look for

Not every lead generation company is going to be a perfect fit for your business. Therefore, it is important to do research to see whether the company you are interested in hiring has experience in your industry and if it has similar values. You want to find a lead generation company that engages in consistent communication and is willing to shape its model to fit your desired mold. 

Also, consider the goals you have for your company on a global scale. Multinational and multilingual lead generation teams can help you expand your business beyond your current scope and touch on markets that you may not have even known existed. Outsourcing your lead generation to a multinational company will help your business go global. 

What Now?

If outsourced lead generation sounds like something you may be interested in, consider partnering with Callbox. Here at Callbox, we pride ourselves on being multinational. With offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America, and the United States, we have an impressive global footprint.  Our lead generation touches markets around the world and over 35 million businesses. Callbox also has multilingual capabilities, with resources available in Portuguese, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Spanish, and other languages. We help our clients expand their markets through six lead generation avenues: voice, email, social, chat, website, and webinars. This multi-channeled marketing, powered by Pipeline and HubSpot, ensures that you always have a way to reach potential customers.