Marketing Ideas for Scaling Tech Companies


Expand to Foreign Territories

Sometimes the problem is not the lead generation itself, but market saturation.

There will come a point in every growing company’s time when they will outgrow their current market and not be able to convert at scale any longer.

This means that it will be time to start expanding to foreign territory.

Expansion is one of the best options that rapidly scaling companies should take advantage of, they can open up new markets and increase revenue.

Some companies will opt to outsource their expansion – more on outsourcing in the next section – so that they can concentrate on their current market and stray too far from focusing on product development.

Expansion also makes sense if the tech company is selling something innovative, they can be first on the scene before another company copies their initiative and they lose their first-mover advantage.

Outsource Your Lead Generation

Lead generation can get taxing, especially for startups.

There’s a steep learning curve, people have to be trained, tools bought, and systems integrated before any outreach campaigns can even be built.

For companies with limited resources or want to focus solely on their product development, outsourcing lead generation is the best thing that they can do to take their growth to the next level.

Lead generation agencies have the specialization and experience necessary to penetrate new markets easily and expand the consumer base of a tech company. By leveraging the services of an agency, a tech firm can save themselves the trouble and overhead of setting up their own lead generation.

There are a lot of things a tech company can outsource from social media preparation, lead generation, optimization, and even content production.

For many, outsourcing is the most efficient and effective choice.


SaaS and B2B companies collaborating with each other is nothing new, but it’s a great way to leverage another company’s audience as your own.

The most popular way of exploring co-marketing is partnering up with a company that has complementary goods or services that do not serve as competition to your own.

This presents a win-win solution for both parties as they both get access to each other’s resources and audiences.

Some companies even opt to redesign variations of their products that fit better with the services of the collaborating company or vice versa. This helps streamline the selling process for both offers and gives prospects a better experience.

However, co-marketing is not for everyone as some organizations will have a product that is a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Explore Other Marketing Channels

Marketers can’t rely on one or two marketing channels any longer. Given that prospects are present in multiple platforms and competition for brand awareness in the tech industry is getting tougher, it helps if organizations can adopt an omnipresent strategy.

Platforms such as LinkedIn are gaining popularity as a great source of leads and some startups are even pursuing mediums such as TikTok for their brand recognition.

Here’s the thing.

Organizations don’t have to run an active outreach campaign on every available platform, they should first assess which platforms their prospects are in, then assign a marketing activity to each.

For example, they could do outreach on email, run a brand awareness campaign on LinkedIn, etc.

By doing this they’ll be present on each platform, without saturating their audience with a lot of pitches.

Run Webinars

Webinars are a great way to educate prospects on different topics while nurturing them at the same time.

Some webinars are even designed to act as purely lead capturing mechanisms, and they’re quite effective at doing that.

They are easy to set up, don’t require a lot of resources, and great at boosting the image of the brand as one that gives out value to people.

Marketers should make sure that they send notes, slides and other resources to their attendees after the event to maintain a conversation with them.

Work With Influencers and Thought Leaders

B2B influencers and thought leaders usually command a wide audience that you can use when marketing your product.

The beauty of working with thought leaders is the fact that they’re celebrities in the professional world and if they’re trusted, the organization who works with them often gets trust by association.

There are different ways of working with a thought leader, one can get them to use a brand’s products for brand awareness, work with them directly via referral codes and plugs, or even create a product that’s branded with them.

Influencer marketing has grown so huge over the past couple of years that people get their accounts optimized to become an influencer.

Whatever method you choose to roll with, make sure that the message you’re releasing is personalized for your target audience. This allows you to create marketing that resonates with your prospects. If you want to save resources or focus on the other aspects of the company, consider using a lead generation agency, they can help outsource the work for you and bring you in leads consistently.