Often Overlooked Ways in Generating Leads in Australia

When Connecting with your Audience, Steer Clear of these 4 Mistakes

Generating Leads in Australia doesn’t only speaks about skills and intellect because these will be less valuable without urgency. When plan A fails, there should be more plan than just plan Z. A successful marketing campaign is a fine mixture of creativity and proactive mind.

Below are tips from Kostas Augerinos in his Article ‘9 Tips for Generating More Leads in Your Business’, so if you think you’re doing everything, you might as well check the list below:

Tip 1: Ask for Referrals

This is a simple and effective way to capture new leads. Why? Because the leads come to you qualified. A client/customer who is already happy with your service or product promotes your business for you. The more raving fans you have, the more exposure your brand will receive. Also the easier your products and/or services will sell.

Tip 2: Become a Thought Leader

Whether you like it or not, Social Media is here to stay. Posting relevant and engaging content on your website and on Social Media forums can attract new leads. The challenge here is to be engaging without irritating your followers.

To be a thought leader in your field, stay informed and post only helpful and informative content. Social Media is about building rapport with people. Any new lead to your business will want to know that: Your business offers great customer service and is credible.

As you build trust and are positioned as an expert in your filed through “word-of-mouth” (direct or online), you will be on the way to growing your business fast.

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Tip 3: Video Marketing and Webinar Marketing

Posting a video on your website can help your website with SEO and also attract new leads. Your videos can be shared and expose your business brand to more potential customers.

Keep in mind that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google! Webinars are also a great way to provide great free content and to attract new leads.

Remember to follow through with your webinar participants after the webinar. This shows that you are interested in providing helpful service.

Tip 4: Appreciate your current customers/clients

To expand your business and generate more leads, take the time to appreciate your existing customers. Know who your best buyers are and then provide products/services that will satisfy their needs. Your best customers/buyers should be happy to refer. Remember to ask them for referrals and testimonials. You can also post testimonials on your website. Better yet, you create a video of a happy customer referring your product/service.

Tip 5: Direct Marketing

Take some time to keep in contact with your customers. Create a Newsletter that informs your customers of the latest developments in your business. Send special promotions or offers to your database every so often. Keep the content relevant/engaging and easy-to-follow. Give away great free content and soon you will begin to generate more interest in your business.

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At Callbox, we used the multi channel marketing approach internally and to our clients and it has been years of successful campaigns here and there. Here’s a list of case studies that will prove it. We didn’t stick to just one marketing channel but we venture into other profitable marketing strategies. We made trial and errors, failure and successes but we never stop learning new things and exploring new technologies to improve marketing campaigns.