Optimize Content for your Landing Pages with these Lead Generation Tips

Optimize Content for your Landing Pages with these Lead Generation Tips

Your online marketing efforts are nothing without a compelling landing page. Marketers often find ways to give their landing pages the content it needs to generate quality B2B leads. And too often have the same calls for “quality content” been reiterated.

Without a doubt, the main thrust for a better lead generation relies on content. But there is always a need to take note that content isn’t enough. This is exacerbated by the fact that not many people access social media regularly. Marketers find in this dilemma a roadblock that complicates B2B lead nurturing efforts.

However, there is simply no guarantee that generated awareness can lead to better sales. Other things should be considered in lead management that an overreliance on social content for lead generation often neglects.

This is not to say that content is passé, that it has lost its ground as a driver for B2B growth. On the contrary, content in the context of social media marketing is still relevant. It’s just that marketers should do more in giving their social presence and lead nurturing efforts a good boost.

Here are a few ways that you could use in saturating your target market.

•Keep it simple.

In online marketing, nothing is more insipid than extravagant website designs. Too many animated graphics, buttons and links provide visitors ample reason to turn away. People would assume that your emails are promoting spam sites, thereby decreasing site conversions. For your (and the company’s) safety, opt for simple designs and regular web updates on new company services to drive traffic towards your lead management database.

•Have your lead capturing devices up and running.

We know what you’re thinking: Fill forms. They account for much of your site conversions and they are best in providing your sales pipeline with quality B2B leads. The only question is: Are you doing it right? Fill forms need to be positioned appropriately, coupled with a brief yet compelling call-to-action that users can easily spot.

•Offer giveaways.

Free eBooks and subscriptions to company reports are essential lead nurturing tools that can stimulate your audience further. And it would take a good deal of information to goad your prospects into sealing a closed deal. For this to happen, you would need to supply your subscribers with all the necessary details about your offers.

Content marketing is still the norm, and it may very well remain so. But it makes a huge difference if you learn how to leverage content on your landing pages for the acquisition of B2B leads. Often, you would need a smart and creative marketing firm that uses multiple channels for lead management.