Basic Principles of Action-inducing and Lead Generating CTAs

Basic Principles of Action-inducing and Lead Generating CTAs

We all love CTAs.

In fact, they form one of the most fundamental principles in digital marketing. You want your readers, potential customers or current consumers to do something? Then, you have to tell them to do it via a call-to-action.

The way you construct your CTA might make all the difference if you convert or not.

Why are CTAs Very Important?

The truth is you only have about 15 secs to catch the attention of Internet readers. This digital generation thrives on impactful punchlines, catchy life altering advocacies and different ideas that will rouse the reader’s curiosity.

This generation wants to be shocked, moved with emotions, taken aback, and horrified by what they read even. And when they do experience at least one of these, they get compelled to learn more.

If you think about the principles behind making a compelling call to action (CTA), they are close to being very elementary. Keep it clear, concise and attractive. This means being mindful of your choice of words, careful about your narrative if there be any, conscious about length, and focused on your goal – that is – to get your reader to act as you would expect them to.

Whether you’re talking about downloading a groundbreaking exercise application or program, making a vote to stop animal cruelty, signing up to be part of an email list, or suggestively motivating the reader to buy a product they don’t really need or pay for a similar service they have tried before, there is no fail-proof template that will automatically get the job done.

Let’s face it! Internet readers can tell you’re trying to sell them something. It’s now a matter of convincing them that whatever it is you’re offering is worth their time, energy and money at the same time.

Sounds easy, but it’s a lot of work. However, there are three things that are known to have worked for initiatives that have CTAs.

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#1 Sincerity

Here is the hard truth! People won’t care until they feel you genuinely care. It’s as simple as that. Nobody wants to be forced into supporting your cause. You want them to be moved. You want them to be paralyzed with compassion.

You want them to be thinking about it endlessly so much so that it keeps them awake at night. Here’s the trick – don’t even let them leave the page without pressing that bright colored button. And the only sure way to convince them to do so is to be sincere about what you’re doing.

If it’s going to help people live healthier lives then be honest about it.

If it’s going to educate them about how to become better at their finances then be transparent about your objective.

#2 Urgency

Make your readers want it now! You need to make them feel they will lose out on so many opportunities if they do not hit the CTA button. Position your product or service in such a way that your reader can’t wait to hit that little CTA button.

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#3 Significance

People by nature want to feel significant, that they belong to something bigger than themselves or that they are part of something important. Your readers want to think (and feel) that there is a reason for their existence.

Beyond marketing, however, is the moral responsibility to provide something that your reader might need. Give them something that will boost their sense of significance.

What is your goal?

Your content and the style by which it is written should lead the reader to press the CTA button. Constructing your content is vital in ensuring that the reader ends by responding to your CTA.

CTAs are commonly used for:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Social sharing
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion to customers or making a sale
  • Contact for submissions
  • Content upgrades
  • Promotion of an event
  • Registration for an activity

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Be Mindful of Your Marketing Channel

Always keep in mind that your readers will possibly be using a variety of platforms when they come across your sales email or promotion. There will be readers who will prefer reading your email using their phones, while there will be others who would opt to use their desktop computer in understanding the content from your site.

Study your target market and consider which channel or platform will work best for them. You may choose between CTAs that are accessed through emails, websites, blogs, applications, social media, or videos. Deciding which ones to use is critical in reaching your goals. Strategize intelligently and try to put yourself in your target market’s shoes.

Be sure to check for feedback on a regular basis so that you can improve your CTAs and conversions.

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Your CTAs are some of the most strategic pieces of copy on your site. They make a difference and are your gateway to better conversions and increasing growth velocity.