Qualities to Look For in a Lead Generation Company in Australia

Qualities to Look For in a Lead Generation Company in Australia

Choosing a good B2B lead generation company in Australia can definitely help your company supercharge its growth. But, with so many promising great results, how do you go about choosing the best lead generation company for your needs?

In this definitive guide, we take a look at the factors that you need to consider before picking out a lead generation company.

What’s The Action Plan?

The action plan determines the direction that the lead generation company wants to take, but it has to coincide with your organization’s goals as well.

Ask the lead generation companies that you have on your shortlist what their action plan is for generating the leads that you need. They might not be able to provide you with an exhaustive one, but they should be able to outline the strategies that they wish to take.

Start comparing these different plans and start asking questions; in this way, you’ll find out more about the companies that you have in mind. In a way, it’s how you can spark a discussion with your provider.


There are several lead generation channels:

  • PPC – refers to pay per click advertising; this is a method of using internet ads to get people to land on a website promoting your goods and services.
  • Organic Leads from SEO – optimizing your web properties to rank higher in search engines so that your results come up first for specific keywords being searched.
  • Social media – using social media platforms to generate leads, think LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. organic and paid campaigns to get a user to contact your company.
  • Phone – this could involve sales discovery, telemarketing, and appointment setting. A practical method because it allows a human to connect with a potential prospect.
  • Email – uses email outreach techniques to generate leads for a company.

Each lead generation company will have its method in deploying these channels, and their use is also dependent on the specific needs that you have. Furthermore, some companies will be better on some channels than others, so it’s useful to take note of that.

Find out what channels your lead generation company wants to use for your organization and how they will go about deploying campaigns to produce leads for you.

You can also request for a mixed method of getting leads; this allows variation in your campaign and increases your exposure to markets.

Lead Qualification and Verification

A large number of leads might appear to be great for any team, but if these leads aren’t qualified, they’re not worth much to your organization. This is why there is an emphasis on the lead qualification and verification method. You have to ask your lead generation company how they are looking to qualify leads for you and what their verification system is.

Technology Used

Lead generation technology has gone a long way, and it’s essential that you find out how the company goes about its lead generation.

Check out how they go about their verification system and what analytics platform they use.

If you are generating leads via social media and landing pages, find out what they use to go about this process.

At the very least, you should find out about what kind of information they will be delivering and if it’s compatible with your CRM. This allows for a smoother transfer of data.

Experience With Your Industry

Lead generation companies that have experience with your industry offer a significant advantage over those that don’t because it is most likely that they can execute more efficiently. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they have already built the necessary systems in place.

Analytics and Reporting

Ask your lead generation company how they wish to go about reporting. It could be on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, but the smaller the increments, the better.

Some lead generation companies also offer their clients with a dashboard to monitor the current work that is being done.


Make sure that you know what you’re expecting from the lead generation company that you’re considering. There should be clearly stated goals with specific targets at particular periods.

However, it goes a step further.

They should also tell you what happens if these goals aren’t achieved and what their limitations are.

Communicate your organization’s goals as well so that both parties are clear about their obligations with each other.

A lead generation company can save you a lot of time and effort in getting leads for your organization. You get to take advantage of their specialization and concentrate on what you do best.

Picking out a lead generation company in Australia can be a daunting process, but if you follow our guide, it will be easier to choose wisely and kick start your company’s growth!