Quick Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Quick Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

A strenuous workout and scientific diet may not the best ways to achieve your target body shape but doing less of these will, strength coach Marc Megna believes. So as the title of this blog starts with “quick ways” then we won’t linger on thorough research and jotting down a trailing list of steps to “improve your email marketing strategy”, instead we’ll look into tactics that would maximize time and effort, all at very least.


Get to know your audience

Just as every workout session starts with a warm-up exercise so is email marketing with knowing well your prospects. Do this via Customer Profiling, considering both demographics:

Complete, valid and accurate information

  • name of contact
  • business name
  • address
  • phone numbers
  • email address
  • social media accounts

As well all other business specifications like industry category, location, target market, target location and size

Psychographic data of each target:

  • their purchase behaviour and their interests.

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Make it short

Your prospect won’t appreciate lengthy emails but nevertheless, a substantial content containing a WIIFM (what’s in it for me) benefit for the prospect and specific product/service that would answer the needs of the business pose a higher chance to be opened and less likely to go into thrash. Like if you’ve been doing 5 to 10 side lunges and one-legged squats for 2-3 months now and still not seeing apparent results, then do just 2-3 sets and do other much effective routines.


Beat the blunder

“Hi John, how are you?”, “Good day to you, Ms. Lee, Hope this is a good time…” – opening blunders in emails such as these are likely to land in the trash or spam folders as they just don’t appear boring but rather weak. Remember that you are writing to a decision-maker, one who attends to several meetings (in and out of office) every day and who attends to multiple matters, dealing with various clients. He could hardly spend the time to read through fluffy emails so make your email short, straight to the point but never miss to keep it personalized to avoid becoming robotic.  

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Call-to-action buttons, links, and boxes are designed to draw immediate response from your prospects. These are like strength-training tools that you must include in your emails in order to build a strong connection with your targets; necessary tools that would guide them through the buying journey. Click here, Download, Register, Schedule An Appointment, Order Now, Watch This Video and Sign up are just a few of the classic examples of call-to-actions that greatly help in converting visitors and readers into sales.


Little changes can add up to big and major results. Start tweaking your email marketing strategy now to achieve a well-built sales and marketing campaign.

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