Reenergize Your Lagging Lead Generation Campaign

Reenergize Your Lagging Lead Generation Campaign

“B2B lead generation will always be part of your marketing campaign, and you know that this is something that you cannot afford to falter.”

In this highly-competitive market, you have to work hard or your competition will blow you away. It will make you lose sales leads. But, it is also a fact that your marketing performance will not stay consistently high. Energizing it would be one activity that you have to be concerned about. And here is how you do it:

1. Connect with your customers – marketing is not all about getting new B2B leads. It is also about reconnecting with those that you have already served. There are plenty of ways for you to get in touch with them. Contact them through social media, message boards, and even blogs. As much as possible, try getting a direct feedback from them.

2. Give out special promotions – this is very handy for seasonal campaigns, especially if you have goods or products that needed to be unloaded fast. Use these special incentives to draw customers back to you, even if it is on the short-term. It could take the form of coupons, special offers, discounts for bulk purchases, etc. Give them something really good.

3. Make sure managing sales leads goes smoothly – tracking business leads and following them up can take some time and effort, so you have to make it work. In this case, you have to ensure that your people are prepared for the job. For example, a prospect calls you about business. Your people should ask them about how they heard about you and what their concerns are.

4. Keep fresh – be it in appointment setting or in content creation, you must always be fresh in what you create. There are plenty of ways for you to do that. Ask your people, seek out their own ideas. A little brainstorming can be a big help in helping you reach your goals. Besides, it can be unhealthy at times if you do the work alone.

5. Work on retentions – sometimes, your old customers can be your source of new sales leads. Have your telemarketing team use your old business lists and ring up your old contacts. More likely than not, they will deal with you again. If not, then take this as an opportunity to clear things up with them and convert them into your customers again.

6. Give more – in today’s social climate, being in business is no longer just selling your products, it is also about contributing to the community. Try to level up on your activities on corporate responsibility. That would give you extra brownie points with your prospects.

7. Use new content – to keep people coming back to you, you need to provide them with a constant supply of fresh, upbeat, and informative content. You can cover any topic, but the best ones deal with your business and its related industry in general.

Try following these tips. You will see that these can really put more energy back into your B2B lead generation campaigns.