How to Run a Rewarding Sales Outreach Using Content

How-to-Run-a-Rewarding-Sales-Outreach-Using-Content (Blog Image)

Digital marketers will never get tired of saying that content is king and there is a lot of solid and firm reasoning behind this. There are different types of content strategies for different markets, and the best way to establish your dominance in outbound marketing is getting your content straight.

Content that is planned carefully and presented creatively has the potential to boost the image and presence of your business. Deciding to do the traditional way of marketing to a target audience can be challenging. Nevertheless, success can still be achieved with its use.

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Here are 5 different types of content that you can consider for your sales outreach:

1. Videos

Videos are a very powerful tool when intending to reach out to a target audience by means of advertising for instance. Short videos that are well thought out and executed creatively are bound to engage viewers right away. They are also able to contribute to increasing awareness.

52% of marketers believe that videos are a type of outbound marketing content that generates the best return on investment. It provides a strong leverage even for small and medium scale businesses allowing them to compete with big companies with an even bigger budget.

Studies show that companies who use videos in their outbound marketing campaigns can experience an average increase of 157% in organic traffic when people simply use search engines. Furthermore, videos are proven to help increase the time that potential clients spend on the website by at least 105%. When this happens, it simply means that there is a huge possibility that the viewer will take interest in your product or service.

2. Case Studies

Case studies are considered the most effective type of content that is not as difficult to make as videos according to marketing professionals around the world in a March 2015 survey conducted by Ascend2, a company that provides research-based marketing for marketing technology organizations and digital marketing agencies.

This type of content highlights the benefits that clients experienced from using the product or availing of the service. Usually, case studies also magnify how the product or service contributed to the success of the client giving the testimony. This is very appealing to customers as it helps them weigh their options and consider their personal needs more intently.

When choosing a client to give a testimony, carefully screen the possibilities and choose someone whose belief in your product or service is unshakeable.

3. Infographics

What better way to summarize all the crucial information about your business that customers ought to know than through infographics? This type of content gives you the freedom to put together multiple details in a single design without boring your readers. You can use bullet points to make it even more attractive, easier to read and digest as well.

Infographics may include statistics depicted by tables, charts or graphs to make it more appealing. The tricky part, however, is being able to come up with a layout that is not chaotic at first glance. You should be able to put together information on a design that is clean, simple and highly readable.

4. Social Media

Posts that are made public through social media are very promising mainly due to the fact that a lot of your potential clients are very active on various online platforms. Various social media platforms that include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are making waves for so many businesses, big or small, because of its vast reach. They are quite easy to use and manage.

Social media has a powerful ability to influence purchasing decisions. They provide an effective avenue for product information, purchase reminder, product discovery, product recommendation, purchase location identification, and product sale or purchase alert.

5. Interviews

Interviews are a great way to get your target market interested. It is known to be a high-performing type of content that enables you to position your product strategically in the market. You can be viewed as an expert in the field where our product is widely used.

Interviews can be done in several ways. You can initiate a webinar or a live stream on Facebook, you can produce a video content ahead of time and upload it in your YouTube channel, make yourself available in third-party interviews, and come up with a written interview that will be posted in your blog to name a few.

When planned well, interviews can boost awareness for your product. It also has the potential of growing your following in a short period of time once it goes viral.

With just a little planning you can create strategies that will drive your business to the next level and guarantee growth in the future! Stay tuned to learn more about outbound marketing and how it can help your business succeed.