Sales Prospecting Trends Every Sales Manager Should Know


The cycle of time has reached a point where it will step into another grand year. In this post, we are going to discover the trends in the sales industry that every sales manager should know. This post will help you with discovering and using the 2021 sales trends in your favor so that you can start planning and filling up your sales pipeline soon.

Without further ado, let’s unearth these trends for you!

Sales Enablement

Every sales team requires sales enablement with the inclusion of smart sales tools or some occasional training sessions. Sales enablement has seen progress in the past couple of years. Modern business owners are increasingly adopting sales enablement strategies and this trend will certainly continue this year. 

Businesses will be taking a better strategic approach towards sales enablement:

  • Strategy and plan that will have clear objectives with defined steps that must be taken.
  • Better focus on helping salespeople develop top skills for becoming better at their job.
  • Providing an easier way for onboarding new salespeople to help them start selling quickly.
  • Focus on progressing technology for aiding the sales enablement process.

So, How to take advantage of the sales enablement trend? In order to stay on top of this trend, take the time to plan out a sales enablement strategy, from helping to onboard new salespeople as efficiently as possible to consistent coaching to your existing salespeople.

Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and inclusion of AI has started taking place in various industries. Although it will take time to have your personalized Jarvis, like the famous Tony Stark, this technology will disrupt the industry for good. Many industries are experimenting with AI technology in sales. AI will streamline the sales process and help increase the productivity of your salespeople.

  • Analyzing the mega data with less time usage can ease up your sales strategies and will provide an ample amount of selling time.
  • With the ability to crunch numbers and various data on its own, the AI will provide a recommendation to you based on the user’s data.
  • These possibilities will save your selling time, fasten your follow-up process and help your sales team reach out to the right prospect at the right time.

The major advantage of having AI is its ability to access data, crunch the numbers quickly and help with predicting future trends. AI will simplify the way you look at your sales results.

Customer Experience Matter the Most

This fact made it clear that customer experience will be more focused in the years to come. As more and more businesses are entering the domain, customers have multiple options to take their business somewhere else.

Providing positive experiences to your customers will provide you with a much better opportunity where you can turn your customers into brand promoters. Integrate tools that will help you calculate the loyalty of your customer’s relationship with your business with your favorite CRM and gain valuable insights into various points of your customers’ journey for providing them the experience they deserve.

Access to critical content

Sales content and asset management platforms make it easier for organizing marketing content and collaterals. There is no end to the sales reps’ struggle. The problem derives from the fact that sales reps are storing their content in 3-6 different locations. Modern sales enablement software has understood this issue and has been working on creating a centralized hub. It allows sales reps and their team members to organize and integrate content from a variety of sources seamlessly. This way your sales reps will be able to plan their hours for more selling and better sales productivity.


For this year and the years to come, these will be the top trends in selling. Improving sales productivity and the overall sales process should be your top priority. It is also critical for businesses to implement new technologies and better sales tactics. Having a smart sales intelligence tool allows you to do all these things without missing out on the most important factor that contributes towards your sales revenue.