Sales Tools that Will Help You Sell More in 2021


Sales is continuously evolving.

There are always new tools and resources that are being developed to help organizations get ahead of the competition.

In this guide, we take a look at the top tools and resources to take your sales to the next level and amplify your growth this 2021.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world with close to a quarter of a billion active users. It’s a potential goldmine for any B2B organization and it’s a medium that your sales team should be working heavily on.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s own prospecting tool that gives you access to advanced filters when you’re on the hunt for clients.

What we love about Sales Navigator is that you can use it to finetune your prospecting to specific criteria that helps you create more targeted lists.

You get access to prospecting via geographical area, company characteristics, occupation, education, etc.

It’s a pretty powerful way to jumpstart your ABM efforts with a limited budget especially if you’re putting in some work towards improving your LinkedIn conversions.


Cutting down on repetitive tasks is one of the best ways to save time and refocus your energy on the growth of an organization. However, it can get difficult if you’re trying to automate tasks from two different apps that depend on each other.

Enter Zapier, this all-in-one automation tool lets you create “Zaps” that allow you to set a trigger on one app that causes another to do something else.

Say you want all your emails coming through to have a record on Google Sheets and Trello, or if your LinkedIn posts are updated every time you post on Facebook. Zapier allows popular applications to trigger actions on different apps to make automation easier.

HubSpot CRM

A CRM tool should be at the heart of every sales and marketing department because it can help streamline operations, track performance, and increase productivity.

HubSpot CRM achieves all of these goals plus more.

It has all your standard CRM features as well as the ability to log every customer interaction that your prospect has with your campaign. This gives sales teams that ability to know how far a customer has been nurtured.

It has integrations with popular applications and, for tracking, its dashboard UI is clean and provides you with the metrics that you need.

They also provide a free version that you can try out.


Teams – especially remote ones – often have difficulty with scheduling appointments because of complicated time slots and varying schedules, but tools like Calendly aim to simplify the process.

With Calendly, you can mark off the dates and times where you’re available, and you can quickly send a link with that calendar to a prospect.

Once the prospect clicks on that link, they can choose a time slot that works with their schedule and book it.

What’s great about this is if you’re running a massive outreach campaign, you don’t have to plot individual schedules with each client. Once someone books a slot, it blocks it so that the next people viewing the schedule will only have access to the other times you are free.

It is one of the simplest automation tools that you can use to streamline appointment setting and reduce the mental workload of having to book meetings manually.

This app is powerful when it comes to looking for verified emails.

All you have to do is to type in the first and last name of a prospect, followed by their company name, and it will pull out their official email.

This is great for lead verification and providing richer leads for sales personnel to go after. One can easily turn a normal prospecting list to an email marketing list using this tool.

There are plenty of alternatives to, but it remains to be one of the more popular choices out there.


We’re all familiar with Google Analytics for tracking behavior across the web properties that we manage, but if you want something more specific, you should consider adding Hotjar to your toolkit.

Hotjar is a heat mapping software that allows you to check which parts of your landing page or web property are getting the most engagement from your prospects.

So wherever the user hovers their cursor on or spends the most time on their page will appear come up in a “hotter” color.

This allows marketers to up their conversion rates on properties that they already own.

There are a lot more tools available out there that will help your sales team bring in more appointments and empower your lead generation. However, the ones here are easily deployable and can be used with any current campaign. On the plus side, they also have a quick learning curve.

So, take your sales to the next level with these tools!