A Marketer’s Guide To Selling To The 4 Types of B2B Decision Makers

A Marketer's Guide To Selling To The 4 Types of B2B Decision Makers

With the help of advanced sales and marketing tools, B2B decision makers are now easy to reach. However, one of the major challenges that marketers continue to encounter is getting a good number of quality leads which could be due to varied reasons like data validity, proper tools utilization, call handling etc. But one factor that may apparently affect quality leads acquisition is the sales and marketing person’s skill in profiling B2B decision makers – the capability to get to know the prospect better and understand his buying behaviour by just the way he talks and respond in conversations. This is a crucial point which could impede the buying process.

Take a look at the 4 types of B2B decision makers.

The Easy Buyer

The ‘easy buyer’ type is maybe the easiest decision maker to talk with. He could swiftly decide on an option when prompted with possibilities, but no one can question his decision making instincts. His snap judgments may seem superficial but you should never take that for granted as he might just expect the same treatment from you; more so don’t keep him hanging on with questions and second thoughts, otherwise, you will lose the grip.

The Inquisitive Buyer

The ‘inquisitive buyer’ may be asking you a lot of questions but that doesn’t mean he is zero on the subject you discuss; at some point maybe, yes, but you must consider the idea that he might be prying on how well-thought of a marketer you are. So you must be knowledgeable, if not the expert, on the subject matter you speak about. This type of buyer does not quickly decide regardless how enticing the offer may be. Keep some notes handy.

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The Debater

The ‘debater’ type of buyer is similar to the inquisitive who does his research well but one who is always ready for a debate. He shoots a lot of question but could quickly cut you off when he hears information or ideas contrary to his as he appears to be the most logical. He may sound too pushy but he just knows the ropes well, making him the best decision maker among the group. Be courteous and honest especially in gray areas of the subject but be sure to come back to him with accurate answers.

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The Devil-May-Care Buyer

The ‘devil-may-care’ type may have done his research well and have carefully evaluated the options but one who would opt to toss a coin when nothing comes clear despite everything. His decisions may not be the best at all times so the responsibility of taking things on the right track is weighted more on your side. Lay down some more options and suggest forward ideas to help the lead roll down the sales funnel.

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