Callbox Successful Lead Generation Campaign for an Advertising Company

How Callbox Successfully launch a Lead Generation Campaign for An Advertising Company

With more than 10 solid years of experience in lead generation specializing in different industries all around the world, Callbox managed to expand its sales and marketing strategies by implementing different techniques and by creating high end tools to provide better services.

Among the industries served all over Asia Pacific, Advertising is quite challenging. But how does Callbox manage to launch a successful lead generation campaign for an advertising company in Australia?

By Creating a Team Who Will Handle a Campaign.

Assign a dedicated team to handle every campaign..

  • An Account Manager to manage the campaign, which coordinates and provides feedback to clients.
  • A Campaign Specialist, who will manage the agents assigned to calls. Helps the Account Manager troubleshoots and makes sure all appointments delivered are qualified.
  • A dedicated agent to make calls, look for potential prospects and sets appointments based on client’s target market
  • A backup agent who is also trained to handle the campaign, who will make calls in the absence of the main caller.

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By Having the Right List based on the Client’s Target Market.

Create a targeted list of different decision makers – Sales Managers, Chief Marketing Officers, Sales and Marketing Directors and VPs, CEOs, and Presidents of various corporations, based on Client’s ideal customers profile with a complete and updated information.

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By Conducting Product Training and Call Simulation

Request product training with the client to make sure all members of the team who will handle the campaign are equip with knowledge. This will help the sales rep to deliver and introduce the product properly to prospects.

By Reaching Prospects Using Multi-Channel Approach

Buyers are everywhere and you have to be where they are. Reach prospects faster by touching base with them through different channels available – call, email, web and social media.

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By Conducting Weekly Status Meeting With Client

The sales team handling the campaign must proactively communicate with the client on a daily basis or whenever the need arises. Conduct weekly status meeting to provide feedback and offer solution to some of the minor issues encountered.

By Nurturing Prospects

Not all leads are the same. Some are unsure and needs time and persistence. Callbox use a Lead Nurturing Tool to help nurture, follow up and eventually convert them into leads. The team can create and manage a scheme by setting a time when to follow up the prospects.

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Through Lead Monitoring

With the aid of our Callbox Pipeline real time feature, Clients can see and monitor all activities happening in their campaign.

Other Factors Which Contributes to the Success of the Campaign

  • Have a customized, simple yet straight forward script.
  • Evaluate and identify client’s target market and the industries where they make more sales while the campaign is ongoing.
  • Get hold of prospects depending on the industry and areas to call. Figure out when is the best time to do prospecting, and the best time to make calls to talk to decision makers, and best times to follow up on them. For Australia, the best days and time to call will be Tuesdays to Thursday around 9AM.

Having a  team of experienced and dedicated sales people as well as having high end technologies, Callbox managed to generate sales-ready leads for their clients.