Surprising Places To Get The Best Lead Generation Ideas

Surprising Places To Get The Best Lead Generation Ideas_DONE

Sometimes, even the weirdest of places can be a source of inspiration for your B2B lead generation campaign. This is especially true for the many of us tasked in generating more qualified sales leads. While some of you may scoff at it, personal experience will tell you that this is very real. Who knows, maybe the next B2B leads strategy will be thought up during these times. Now, the following are just examples of where you can go. You can discover your own place of inspiration.

  1.  The ride home – how many times have our minds wandered during that long trip to and from work? Try using that time to plan and strategize your next appointment setting campaign. Considering the time taken, this is actually a good opportunity for you to come up with great business plans. A productive use of time, right?
  2. The shower – ever thought of those moments when the spray of cool water gave you some hit marketing ideas? You should try that all the time. You might be surprised at what you might come up with.
  3. The department store – if you feel stuck on how to make your telemarketing team more effective, you might just have to observe the clerks at the department stores. Seeing them in action might serve as an inspiration for your work.

 Of course, there are other places that you can say to be your source of B2B lead generation ideas. In that case, you can share these here, as well.