The Four P’s Of Sales Leads Nurturing

The Four P’s Of Sales Leads Nurturing

For a business to successfully generate qualified sales leads, a little leads nurturing needs to be done. In lead generation, developing your relationship with your prospects on every stage of their buying journey is a slow process. However, if every B2B leads are nurtured well, they can be easily converted into a sale. Still, that is where the challenge is – how do you properly nurture leads? And I’m not just talking about some relationship-building activity that your company can do at times. This process includes walking through your buyers at every stage of your sales funnel.

Nurturing involves; identifying the needs of your prospects, providing information and offering a solution according to their needs. Going through your prospect’s buying journey takes time. In order to do it right, you need to take note of the four P’s of lead nurturing:


Gone are the days when you can just push your product to the face of your prospects. Building relationship with your prospect includes respect. Sending a bunch of introductory emails or any marketing collaterals makes people less likely to engage and make a purchase. Or worse, report your email campaign as spam.

Here are a few guides on email marketing:


Understanding your prospect’s likes and dislikes about certain products, their issues, and concerns within their organization is important. This will affect how you handle each prospect and offer solutions to their problems depending on what they need. Get to know them better with customer segmentation.

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When marketing to individual business prospects, whether be it through an email, a call, social media or content, always make sure to customize your pitch or the information you provide. Every prospect is different. This means personalizing your message to fit the tastes of your recipients.

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Before you start letting the world know about your products or services, you must first start with identifying your target audience. Know what they want and what they usually look in a product and use this information in crafting high-quality contents that are relevant and valuable to your readers.

Start creating your content with these guides:

This will compel the audience to follow you, basically ‘pulling’ them to your direction. Educate those who are not yet ready to buy by providing informative contents and lead them to the final stage of their buying journey.

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Despite the benefits of lead nurturing, only a few marketers nurture their sales leads. Having an effective lead nurturing technique plays an important role in the success of your marketing strategy. Nurture your leads into opportunities with these four P’s, and see an increase in your close rates.