The Lead Generation Dilemma Of Social Media

The-Lead-Generation-Dilemma-Of-Social-Media_DONESocial media is a very powerful marketing tool, make no mistake about that.

The sheer number of people connected online, interacting, using the information shared and spread around can be very valuable for many marketers in the lead generation game. Unfortunately, like what some companies have learned the hard way, you can never really use social media to get you more sales leads. To be exact, this can spell real disaster for your business. And here are some examples why:

  1. You are out of touch with the national news, like what happened with the National Rifle Association tweet the morning after the Aurora Theater shooting.
  2.  You use automated replies, which was the case with Progressive Insurance.
  3. You create fake accounts to interact with others, just like what Chick-Fil-A did.
  4.  An accidental tweet was sent, a good example would be the KitchenAid fiasco during Obama’s inauguration.
  5.  McDonald’s attempt to create positive feedback through #McDStories backfired disastrously, since they ignored the current reputation of their brand.

These are just some of the social media gaffes marketing companies make. It just shows just how bad social media can get for your B2B leads efforts. In any case, it would be better to focus on other marketing channels, like email and telemarketing. At least these are places that you can be sure of results. But if conversation is all you are after, then maybe social media can do the trick. Just make sure you do not make the same mistakes the previously-mentioned companies and organizations made.