The Solar Leads Life Cycle [INFOGRAPHIC]

More and more households and businesses are considering solar adaptation.

So how does solar lead generation company reach out and nurture solar prospects towards a sale? Here’s a step by step guide on how solar lead generation works.

The Solar Leads Life Cycle [INFOGRAPHIC]


Here’s a step by step guide on how solar lead generation works.

Step #1: Prospecting

A potential solar customer searched for a promising low-cost solar power either through google search, social media pages or other online marketing channels.

Step #2: Inquiry

He is transferred to a landing page— an attractive-looking web page with information about the solar products and services offered. In this page, he can input his information and inquire.

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Step #3: New lead passed to Sales

Information of prospect was passed on to the sales team for pre-qualification.

Step #4: Pre-Qualify

The sales team contacts the prospect to pre-qualify. Ask questions such as;

  • Does he own his home?
  • Is there a non-shaded roof?
  • Does he have public debts?

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Step #5: Lead Status

The sales team will identify and tag the lead as:

  • Accept. Qualified lead.
  • Decline.

 – Lead is not qualified

– Low quality leads and to be transferred into the lead archive to be reassigned for further nurturing.

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Step #6: Opportunity

If the lead is qualified, an appointment will be set with a Consultant from a Solar installation company for a free assessment.

Step #7: Assessment.

Solar Installation Company visits and conducts their free assessment.

Step #8: Contract Signing

If the prospect is eager to buy then the deal is closed. All information was gathered to prepare all the necessary documents needed.

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Whether you hire a lead generation company or have your own team to do this, it is best to know how solar lead generation works to make sure you meet your goals.

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