Top Lead Generation Success Stories in Australia


We have been talking a lot about the ins and outs of lead generation giving out tips and tricks, and talking about the different strategies as well as trends that we all should be expecting in the coming year. 

Today, however, we want to take it into a different direction and show you some great lead generation success stories instead. What’s more is that we want to highlight lead generation success stories here in Australia to give you an extra boost and inspiration. 

Callbox helps capture more leads for Australia’s leading technology broker

This leading technology broker company in Australia is a certified Microsoft partner and was able to capture more leads than before after they partnered up with Callbox.  They sought out an outbound telemarketing partner so that they can promote their IT products. 

Teaming up with Callbox, they ran a 3-month campaign where with the help of Callbox they gained a stronger pipeline of warm leads and enabled the client with better opportunities to meet with their sales-ready customers. 

Callbox made it possible for the client to gain 207 new leads and added 474 new contacts into their database that requested for future callbacks and additional information. Other highlights of the campaign included successfully launching a fully managed lead generation and appointment setting campaign wherein the Callbox team managed to carry out multi-touch, multi-channel marketing activities to secure meetings with potential tech buyers. 

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Australian software vendor fast-tracks sales with the help of Callbox

The Client is a well-known Australian software firm that creates and sells large-scale practice management and tracking software. Ingram Micro, The University of Sydney, Accenture, CitiStreet, and Acumen Alliance are among its clientele. The client’s brand is well-known in Australia, and its products have a large market potential. It had trouble breaking into overseas markets, which were frequently dominated by huge worldwide competitors.

The Callbox team was able to provide them with a strict QA oversight to guarantee that every lead and appointment creation activity met the Client’s needs. Callbox encouraged the Client to take an active role in all aspects of the campaign, from script development to new product training and lead qualification. As the campaign developed, the Client was able to provide input and feedback.

As a result, they were able to secure 357 new sales appointments, make 2.5 sales per month, and gain over 20k positive contacts throughout the span of the 18-month calling campaign. The Client is so pleased with Callbox’s performance that it continues to use it for outbound marketing campaigns as it expands its market share not only in Australia, but also in New Zealand, India, and Brunei.

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Hyundai Australia skyrocket their lead generation with the help of Messenger

In comparison to prior lead generation campaigns, the largest car manufacturer in Australia employed advertising that clicked through messenger in order to produce and qualify prospects in Australia, which resulted in a 27 percent reduction cost per lead. 

Hyundai Australia already had previously used Messenger to communicate with its consumers. And they wanted to test if the platform might assist in raising awareness,  and leads for its cars models. The car company was already successful with Facebook when it came to lead generation as they have been quite active on the social site, and they wanted to explore if they could keep the same momentum with Messenger as well. 

Hyundai’s Australia Messenger lead generation campaign ultimately resulted in a great increase of new leads, costing them even less than when they were doing lead generation with only Facebook beforehand.


These are only a few of the many lead generation success stories that companies in Australia have to tell, but we hope that they have given you an insight of how big of a difference lead generation makes when it’s done right. If you want to learn more about lead generation or want to hear more success stories like these, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Callbox!