Generating Traction and Growth through Lead Generation


Picture this out: You are in the process of launching a new product or solution. You need customers in your funnel and you are faced with a struggle in keeping your tank full. As the constant change in the marketing landscape already fueled the challenge in keeping your business on the run, launching a new product only adds to the number.

How will you generate buzz around your product and solution? How will you attract visitors and convert them into qualified leads? How will you gain that “traction” that you’ve been aiming for a while now? The questions of how’s are popping inevitably, it is not new – so are lead generation strategies.

There are several tactics that you can integrate into your business that would help you counter the said challenge, such is a deeper understanding of lead generation that is both art and science. It is a simple process, yet, it needs professional creativity to attract visitors, drive traffic to your website and gain some qualified leads whose interest was stirred by your product or service. There are many opportunities out there, but the question is how are you going to turn each opportunity into sales?


You will not achieve what you desire if you lack the sense of product awareness and understanding of your clients’ needs. As it is a stiff competition, you need to reach out to customers in order to have that competitive edge while maintaining your place in the industry. Plan your marketing activities efficiently and take advantage of the multi-channel available within your grasp. In short, make your clients know what you are offering – bring your product or solution to your customers on individual social media avenues. A cross-channel marketing approach will help you win visitors and convert audiences to leads. Dropped below are some of the helpful tactics that can help you create traction:


Optimization is key. Let online users find you in search engines as it is arguably, the most powerful long-term technique in generating leads. This goes along quality content and possible search keywords related to your service. You can also use some SEO tools that can equip your search marketing campaign for the better.

Online Presence

Position your product or solution where a big number of audiences are most likely to dwell. Widen your reach across the web as you provide your prospects with information relevant to their needs. Send them appropriate and time-saving messages in a touch point.

Live Chat Support

Focus on prospects who are potentially interested with what you offer by simply answering their questions. Provide real-time and convenient information as you drive you prospects to your sales funnel through a live chat that would put you quickly in front of them.

Content Marketing

Humanize your brand and come up with a buyer persona that will allow you to understand your customers better. When you relate your content that appeals to your target market, you are not only building a relationship with them but you also cultivate their trust towards your brand.

Affiliate Marketing

Considered as one of the key strategies for your business to prosper, affiliates are your business partners that would pave you access to different networks. Leave a part of the burden on promoting your service to them as they can reach and attract online users redirected to your website.

Email Marketing

A one-to-many medium, nothing beats a channel that stood the test of time. Emails are more direct and personal where you can establish a relationship with your clients. When managed effectively, it could generate great results for your business.

In addition, you can find your own lead generation company that will help you achieve your marketing goals. Leverage your marketing stance with their professional services that will save you time as manual works of your team will be reduced. Choose the one that works best for you, which coincides with your target market and your requirements.

If there is no traction going on and about, your product or solution will not gain the momentum needed to keep your business running. The higher the traction, the higher the sales – sales will fuel your business and lead generation will trigger your sales. So make your move, attract potential investors and close the deal while it is still hot!