Taking Trends into Account: A Guide for Generating Quality IT Leads in Australia

Taking Trends into Account: A Guide for Generating Quality IT Leads in Australia

The IT industry in Australia is enjoying an upbeat year so far and this is due to positive global outlooks from industry experts. With the continuing rise VR and big data as well as the popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, IT companies will certainly have a lot of opportunities to tap into.

However, much of the effort towards improving the bottom line actually goes into understanding crucial market trends. Knowing about these trends does not form the appropriate basis for effective lead generation campaigns. If anything, it remains important for IT marketers to focus mostly on researching about these trends and building their campaigns around them.

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As always, strategy is an essential element to surviving within such a highly competitive arena as IT. It is hard to ignore the fact that lead generation remains to be a challenge for marketers across the B2B spectrum, more so for companies in the information software and hardware business. This is essentially the reason why IT marketers are concentrating much of their marketing budgets on high-value activities such as SEO and social media marketing. The success rates vary, however, since not all strategies work out for the best. It is against this background of uncertainty that IT companies should think beyond common tropes and be doing what the majority does. Instead of simply adapting to trends, they should begin by analyzing these trends and identify areas to exploit.

For this reason, it is essential for IT marketers in Australia to learn more about the trends for 2018 and better come up with unique ideas for generating high-quality leads and, more importantly, securing more sales conversions.

As the IT industry continues to enjoy an uptrend, it is crucial for market players big and small to make informed decisions. And this involves listening to what the market wants at the present and appropriately acting upon these demands.

Here are some of the trends to watch out for.

From cost to value

This Salesforce article sums up the trends that will define the IT market in 2018 and beyond. For sure, IT buyers from the financial services and the medical sectors have their eyes set on IT products that will prove to help them with their verticals. In response to this, 71 percent of IT companies will essentially underscore the value of their products over how much companies are willing to spend for such products.

Social media continues to be king

It’s already a fixed notion that content in the world of IT is a primary driver of leads and conversions. With this in mind, content becomes the main focus for many IT companies to bring in visitors. Still, it’s not so much about creating content that marketers should worry about. In Australia, being one of many countries with a high social media penetration rates, companies should be able to concentrate more on using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for building their brands and, more importantly, seek out opportunities. For marketing guru Louise Meyers, online social networking services will take precedence over everything else in IT marketing. In fact, at least 84 percent of business organizations (notwithstanding those in the IT sector) are making use of social media for promoting their products and services. This alone should convince companies to up the ante by producing more effective and shareable content catering towards their target audiences.

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AI is in

While AI technology will still need to go a long way before we can experience a fully automated society, there is no doubt that it already has a market of its own. Salesforce does not ignore the potential that AI has in the IT industry, citing the benefits it entails along the lines of business efficiency and CRM. It is also essential to note that this will impact businesses in Australia, especially those based in the tech center that is Melbourne. Businesses need to better manage complex analytics, and this has convinced IT players in the country to offer up automated services and products.

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New Kids on the Blockchain

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm, but it seems to have created a divide among tech experts over the cryptocurrency’s supposed sustainability. Whatever your position is on the Bitcoin debate, it does not change the fact that blockchain technology will continue to impact the IT industry in ways that are too disruptive to ignore. An article from Inc.com shows just how the technology can help streamline and secure big data. It cites the affiliate marketing, healthcare, and real estate sectors as the most vulnerable in terms of using blockchain technology for reinforcing their operations.

These trends will point the way IT companies in Australia should go in 2018 and well into the future. But, again, it’s how one uses these trends and apply them tangibly that matters the most. With that said, IT companies should be able to brush up on defining their lead generation process and identify the core activities they should be handling.

Here’s a brief summary of what IT marketers should be doing on account of the trends above.

Focus on SEO

That social media marketing trumps everything else in generating high quality leads is not enough to diminish the importance of SEO. IT companies will still need to drive traffic to their sites, and it remains crucial to produce keyword-rich content and links as a means to drive engagements.

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Nurturing leads

IT products and services are a hard sell, mostly because IT buyers nowadays have well-defined notions of what they wanted for their organizations. For this, companies in Australia should have a robust lead nurturing process. This would involve coming up with effective follow-up on high-potential IT sales leads.

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Using the proper platforms

The choice of platform is critical to a lead generation campaign’s success. From this, it is safe to assume that the more platforms you use, the better are your chances of generating high-quality leads. Multi-channel marketing has, in fact, become the prime ingredient to a faster lead generation process, which is something that Australian IT suppliers always underscore.

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