5 Types of Marketing Emails Your Business Needs in 2022


We are still half a year away from 2022, but this is the perfect time to plan ahead. In order to plan ahead you also need to know what trends you should be expecting in the coming year. 

Marketing email campaigns are used more than ever now to boost up your engagements, and because of that, more and more email trends have popped up in the span of this year. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, pay close attention to these trends that will take over the scene in the year to come. 

Hyper-Personalized Email Campaigns

You probably have heard this a million times before, but it really is something that companies should be paying attention to more nowadays when it comes to any type of marketing. When customers receive an email and it sounds just like any other generic “Here’s our product/service, buy from us” type email, they automatically shut it down. Those types of email campaigns should be left in the past. Your customers want to feel that they are valued by the companies reaching out to them. 

Before you craft an email for your customers, you have to start it by analyzing your customer’s buying habits and their preferred services or products because the best way to personalize your email is by crafting one that relates to their behaviors. It’s all about knowing the basics, remember to include their name and as the icing on the cake, add a personalized remark. 

Interactive Emails

If you want to boost your engagement and get the best results, consider making your marketing email campaigns interactive. It’s not even difficult to create interactive emails as the magic of technological advances has your back. Incorporate a mix of the following to spice up your email campaigns: images (infographics), Gifs, gaming elements, interactive pictures, questionnaire polls, etc.

Interactive emails are a welcome contrast to brand monotonous emails. It boosts your engagement while entertaining your customers going through  your email as well. In the same way, these interactive emails also count as personalized emails. So, you see? It’s an easy win-win situation.

Prioritize Privacy

We are all concerned with possible privacy breaches whenever we receive emails; how much more your customers? You want to gain their trust and in order to do that you have to go out of your way and ensure that you strictly comply with PCI and GDPR. Part of a great email campaign is making sure that privacy will always be a priority. 

This means that you should analyze all data privacy legislations regularly and use your email as a means to notify your customers if there are any privacy changes and updates to let them know that you care and are doing your best to protect their private information. Count this as also an added brownie point to your company for keeping up your privacy ethics. 

Go for Optimization

People access the internet through their phones majority of the time now, and if your landing pages and email templates aren’t optimized for mobile viewing, that becomes an automatic turn-off for your customers. Make sure that your email campaigns, landing pages, websites are optimized. 

AI is the Way to Go

AI is the future, and the future is here. Many businesses have already incorporated AI into their marketing campaigns, but there are still others who are a little apprehensive towards it. Since the technology is still fairly new, it’s understandable that many are still skeptical about it. But, if you can, give AI a shot. Especially entering into 2022, AI integration is going to become a vital part of your campaigns. They are going to prove themselves as quite useful especially when you do tasks such as survey optimization, handling larger amounts of customer data, sending  out your emails, and cleaning up your email lists, etc. 


These are only a few of the many trends that are still about to emerge in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for any new trends that you might come across, study them, and analyze how it can benefit your marketing email campaigns. We hope that with these trends, you’ll take your marketing email campaigns to the next level.