Want to Make your Lead Generation Strategies Live Forever? Ask Oasis

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Want to Make your Lead Generation Strategies Live Forever- Ask OasisIn 1994, five young Manchester lads with an undying affection for the Beatles released an album that achieved for them a solid footing within the country’s eclectic musical panorama.

Twenty years after the release of Definitely Maybe, Oasis is still an important British act, with tracks that added color to the kaleidoscopic landscape of the 90’s and for many generations to come. And indeed, their influence has encompassed collages of fans.

Business leaders, too, should learn a thing or two from them in order to come up with an effective lead generation strategy:

“You need to be yourself/ You can’t be no one else/ I’m feeling supersonic/ Give me gin and tonic.”

Uniqueness is the byword of human existence. As Oasis demonstrates, to be truly supersonic requires you to be different from the rest and indeed from the competition. There is no one-way approach to lead generation after all.

“It always seems to me/ You always see want people want you to see.”

The song “Whatever” is the band’s ode to freedom. And appropriately so, because it explains that most of us seem to be submissive to general facts and trends. Social media marketing is ever present, but you should always feel free to find your own way.

“In my mind my dreams are real/ And now you’re concerned about the way I feel/ Tonight, I’m a rock and roll star.”

Not only should you think ahead, you also need to think big. Having a goal in mind allows for continuous growth. And you as a leader must make the first step forward. If you strive for more sales closes, let the thought of it settle in your mind. Only then will you be able to get as many sales leads as you wish.

”Maybe I will never be/All the things that I want to be/ But now is not the time to cry/Now’s the time to find out why.”

Perfection is unattainable, and failure inevitable. But never let that pull you down. You can always do something to compensate for certain loses. Your content marketing campaign might have been ineffective due to several factors, but never let pessimism block you from opportunities to analyze and eventually correct these mistakes.

“Because we need each other/ And we believe in one another/ And I know we’re going to uncover/ What’s sleeping in our souls.”

Liam and Noel Gallagher were often at each other’s throats during the band’s initial years. But when it comes to making music, they exchange apologies and sit together to pen mad lyrics and arrangements. Cooperation is the key. Without fostering B2B relationships and maintaining rapport with your partners, collective goals are impossible.

Whether or not you are an Oasis fan, these insights can serve you well in achieving leads the same way Noel Gallagher gains admirers with his guitar skills.