Why Do Prospects Doubt You During Lead Generation?

This is a question that a lot of entrepreneurs, especially those in the Asia-Pacific region, are wondering about. After all, if there is one thing that makes your B2B lead generation campaign more difficult, it is in encountering business prospects that have absolutely no confidence in you. You would certainly be stuck in this case, right? Makes you wonder if you really can generate qualified sales leads. Now that is what we would be discussing about. What can make your appointment setting prospects doubt you? There are several factors regarding that, but the three most common points are:

  1. You lie – no one wants to do business with liars. And business relationships anchored on a lie are not just hard to maintain, they are downright bad for your company image. If you want to get the confidence of your prospects, make sure your telemarketing team speaks the truth.
  2. You lack research – this is one of the most fundamental acts in marketing, yet this is also one that is easily overlooked. If you want to impress your prospects, prove to them that you know what you are talking about, do your homework. Know more about the company, and it will be easier for you to generate sales leads from them.
  3. You disappoint them – after you have turned your prospects into customers, make it a point that you always deliver what you promise. Letting them down will only push them towards your competitors.

Keep these common mistakes in mind, and you can make your lead generation campaign more trustworthy than ever.