Why Enterprise and Scaling Tech Companies Need Outsourced Lead Gen

Why Enterprise and Scaling Tech Companies Need Outsourced Lead Gen

Lead generation is absolutely critical for rapidly expanding enterprise and tech companies that want to scale quickly.

An efficient way of doing it is through outsourced lead generation.

This article will look at how third-party managed lead generation can help elevate growth and take a company to the next level.

It’s Easier

It's Easier

Outsourcing lead generation is easy.

All they need to do is to speak with a lead generation provider, hammer out reasonable KPIs, and let the specialists run the job.

There’s no need to develop new systems, look for new people to hire, go through the foundational work of setting up a new department, and companies are spared from the endless hours of research that it takes to perfect their funnels.

The burden of trying to hunt down leads and nurture is placed on the third party while they get to focus on what they do best.

And, this takes us to the second point, which is…

Core Competencies and Specializations

Core Competencies and Specializations

Third-party lead generation agencies are focused on bringing in leads and nurturing them through their client’s pipelines. This makes them great at what they do because they specialize in doing them.

A tech company might have a great sales and marketing team, but they might not be equipped to handle a massive influx of leads, and that’s where our more specialized team can come in to assist them.

By leveraging another company’s specialization, a tech company can focus on developing better products, handling after-sales service, and refining its processes.

It helps them concentrate on their core competency and minimizes distractions.

This is why you’ll find a trend of companies outsourcing many of their business operations where they don’t have a core competency to other agencies that have been doing it for years.

You take advantage of that specialization and increase your efficiency through a third party.

Cheaper Costs

Cheaper Costs

One of the less apparent benefits of outsourced lead generation is the lower costs that it entails. When companies are first starting lead gen, there’s a lot of groundwork and infrastructure to be paid for.

When they outsource, it’s already packaged into the cost of the leads being generated.

Take, for example, the cost of specialized lead generation software and systems that can easily run into thousands of dollars. Instead of buying individual pieces, the tech company buys into the outsourcer’s systems leveraging the software they already have.

Hiring specialists is another factor; the cost to hire, train and maintain new staff members is not negligible. And the other indirect costs of expanding the team can also add to the running bill.

This makes it a viable alternative for smaller companies looking for rapid growth.

Quick Deployment

Quick Deployment

Shifts in the market require tech companies to act quickly on emerging trends. A small loss could mean another competitor is eating up market share, which is why quick deployment is another factor for companies to consider.

Regardless of the tech company has resources to hire new people, buy software, and establish infrastructure, that’s still not going to be enough if they’re pressed for time.

A good lead generation agency can set up campaigns within the month and get a company going with new leads immediately after.

SDRs and specialists are already trained, the infrastructure is already in place, and budding lead lists are just ripe for a tech company to pick from. 

It eliminates the need to wait.



Specialized lead generation agencies have experience in running tech campaigns.

This means that they’re already familiar with the landscape and know precisely how to set up and increase market share.

Another benefit to experience is damage control. The more experienced a lead generation agency is, the more likely it is that they’ve already gone through everything that can go wrong with a campaign. They can fix things quickly and provide answers when things go wrong with a campaign.

When picking a lead generation agency, companies should always favor those already running campaigns in their industry.



Companies can quickly deploy new campaigns, scale them larger, or even shut them down altogether with third parties.

Having a contract with a provider gives them much flexibility to do many things with their lead generation campaigns.

This flexibility is critical, especially for cash-strapped startups that want to have the option to cancel or increase spending on their lead generation. They don’t have to worry about recouping the fixed costs of investing in specialized infrastructure.

There are many benefits to outsourced lead generation, especially for companies chasing a more significant chunk of their market share. Leveraging another company’s specialization results in more efficient lead generation and allows them to be more effective in bringing in leads.