Why Will You Fail To Generate Sales Leads In Australia?

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If you are trying to generate good B2B leads, you should be prepared to fail especially if you didn’t plan your strategy well. A lead generation campaign without clearly identifying your target prospects will surely fail.

When I first started as a sales manager in one of the leading sales and marketing company in the Asia Pacific, I know at some point my sales strategy will not go as planned. Why? Prospects are also evolving. They don’t just purchase right away. Instead, they do their research first before they decide which makes their buying journey longer than before.

Lead generation is not an easy task to complete. Many factors need to be considered – market trends, product offers, not to mention the salesperson assigned to do the task.

In this article, let’s discuss the reasons why will you fail to generate sales leads?

As a sales manager or owner, here are the things that some of us are doing that will make your lead generation campaign fail?

#1. Not utilizing multi channel marketing.

It is always best to be where your prospects are. Multi-channel marketing allows your to be visible on your prospect’s preferred channel – social media, email, voice, mobile, web and chat. It helps your prospects become more familiar with your company and product.

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#2. You failed to nurture your prospects.

Of course, we want prospects who will buy from us. However, leads don’t convert overnight. Prospects nowadays prefer to research online before they make a decision to purchase.

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You need to build relationships with them in order to get their trust. Walk them through every stage of their buying journey until such time they are ready to purchase and do business with you.

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#3. Refuse to invest in marketing automation tools.

Larger corporations choose to expand their target audience and go global. The best way to reach out to their target audience in different time zones is through marketing automation. Marketing automation lets you send out emails or post on social media during times that your prospects are more active, can see and respond in real time.

#4. You want to control everything.

Micromanaging things may work in some businesses, but this is not ideal in an appointment setting campaign. In sales, you work as a team. The fact that your team members feel you don’t trust them to perform certain tasks successfully can lead to conflict. This makes them not to perform their responsibilities well. Let your salespeople have the freedom to negotiate with prospects and manage their calls. The important thing is they deliver results.

If these are your kind of thing, it would be advisable that you change them immediately. If you want your lead generation campaign to become successful and become consistent in your ROI, you need to change your old habits and do better than that.