Will Content still be King? How to Combine an Amazing Online Marketing and B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Will Content still be King- How to Combine an Amazing Online Marketing and B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Will Content still be King- How to Combine an Amazing Online Marketing and B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Some B2B websites are posting an endless series of articles saying that content is king. This is apparently true in lead generation, because there is really no other way to drive up qualified sales traffic. It is all a matter of upgrading your demand generation to fit your lead management efforts.

B2B companies are making content their main weapon. In fact, in a post by WebDam, at least “73% of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they did one year ago.” The Content Marketing Institute meanwhile stated that 58% of B2B companies are to increase their content marketing expenses.

The statistics speak for themselves. Lead generation is best facilitated by content marketing. The same goes for lead nurturing. But the numbers change over time in proportion to online content’s popularity. An overreliance with content might just influence its dwindling appeal among consumers. We could even call content as just another business fad that would soon become all too common within the online social realm.

Such a scenario is possible and it would be best for businesses to stay vigilant if not innovative in increasing the production of B2B leads. There are other content techniques to consider in developing an effective and well-balanced lead management and production.

Stick to a general theme.  It is typical for B2B companies to “hijack” popular trends that pervade their industry. Overtime, they change their online images in a bid to appeal to their audiences’ tastes. But, with respect to lead nurturing, it would be better to stick to one flexible persona.

Make SEO count. The articles in your landing pages should strike a balance between readability and online searchability. Neglecting search engine optimization could only lead to poor web traffic that translates to poorer sales, which is something you should not opt for in your lead nurturing.

Be intelligent and useful. Because content has become a persistent trend, gaining a competitive edge is rendered difficult. To truly succeed in lead management and generation, you would have to go for unique content. This is even more difficult as B2B companies have made uniqueness a common mantra, churning out blog articles and ideas for infographics that are recycled from older posts. This is what makes online marketing efforts insipid. Instead of going that way, try to produce content that is intelligent and useful. Writing “How to” or “Steps to” articles comprises a good starting point, but it would be better if you generate something beyond these lines.

Lead generation isn’t about prioritizing a steady frequency of quality content. Many B2B companies think that posting on a regular basis could get them anywhere. But in reality, it’s all about giving your company persona a consistent image that endures and stays with loyal clients.