Your B2B Lead Generation Content should be Need-Oriented

Your B2B Lead Generation Content should be Need-Oriented

There are a lot of great content throughout the vast blogosphere. Content marketers constantly push themselves harder to come up with unique, valuable and thought-inspiring articles so that they can be shared to anyone who needs it. However, that last part is tricky – how can you be sure that your content is what people really need to know?

Creating content is just one of the channels of B2B lead generation. So behind the amazing storytelling and priceless advice, the bottom line is still conversion, and if that is not achieved, then content may not be worth the brainwork after all.

So how do you create content that converts readers into customers? Customize your message so that it meets their needs.

Target a diverse set of audience and develop individual personas. It’s virtually easier to create content and generate leads if you are completely acquainted with the type and behavior of your audience. Having that system of profiling could make you stop and think before you begin creating something, and ask yourself, “For whom am I writing this post?”

Look at difficult situations, provide information and help seek answers. For a minute, refrain from talking about your company. Try investigating on real circumstances that your prospects usually get themselves in. See if there’s any relevant insight you could provide, but make sure you’re not just making them up. Consult credible sources, and gather pieces to help them sketch an answer to their problems. This is important in establishing yourself as a thought-leader.

Once prospects flock in, figure out the best converting tactic. You’ve gotten their attention, and now you need to reap the fruits of your labor. With prospects lingering around your content, you can now “test” different approaches in converting them into leads. Play with several marketing messages, restructure call-to-action buttons, and play with beta sign-up forms. Once you see something that seems to work out better than the others, harness it and make it better.

Address their need via recognitions and rewards. Perks don’t always have to be in the form of giving back to loyal viewers. It can also be a means for demonstrating a charitable persona; when people run to your blog to seek advice, search for answers or share ideas, give them something that serves as a simple thank-you.

Exceed expectations. By then people will have regarded your site as a go-to resource, and your fan base is secured. But if you really want to expand more, you shouldn’t settle for stability. B2B lead generation is an endless stream of opportunities; establish a reputation of producing content that outdoes the last one every single time.