For Effective Lead Nurturing, which do you Prefer? Predictive or Power Dialers?

For Effective Lead Nurturing, which do you Prefer- Predictive or Power Dialers

It is important for B2B marketers to determine the best ways to capture leads. As much as finding and qualifying prospects, enhancing one’s lead nurturing devices should be considered for a better lead generation and appointment setting experience. Even important is being able to reach out to potential B2B buyers effectively.

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Today, most companies owe their CRM successes to auto-dialers. To define them, auto-dialers are sophisticated software systems that contact leads from a list. Once answered, the receiver is automatically connected to an available agent for an engagement. Often, most auto-dial software systems have voice mail features that instruct receivers to press certain numbers on their keypad as a way to answer phone surveys.

In terms of B2B lead nurturing, auto-dialers make up for conversations in which not a single second is wasted. With such technology, businesses can eliminate the need to engage gatekeepers and instead talk to the personality directly.

With such perks in mind, an auto-dial system could be your ticket to a better lead management. If you still haven’t employed an auto-dialer yet, it is important to examine the two forms of auto-dialers normally used by B2B companies.

Predictive or Power Dialers?

When choosing the types of dialers to employ, one must consider that there are two types.

First, predictive dialers, as their name suggest, make simultaneous dials to individual leads. If a pickup is detected, the call is automatically connected to an available agent. However, if the waiting time takes long or if there are no available agents to pick it up, the call is dropped and another contact number is dialed. More advanced predictive dialers now come with voice recognition mechanisms that are great for avoiding voicemail messages.

Power dialers on the other hand thrive on a less complicated concept of calling individuals one by one based on a list of leads. Unlike predictive dialers, they do not rely on simultaneous dialing, instead directly hooks a prospect with an agent whether or not the prospects receives the call.

Indeed, each type of auto-dialer has its advantages and disadvantages. Predictive dialers, for one, are good when you opt to increase customer engagements and conversions. But the downside is that it might produce more dropped calls than it can obtain. Power dialers on the other hand are exceptionally advantageous in terms of quality customer engagements because it has dropped call rates.

In the long run

The type of auto-dialer you should employ should depend on your priorities. However, simple start-ups can experience a better lead nurturing program using a power dialer.