Why Marketing Automation Makes 2017 easier for StartUps

Why Marketing Automation Makes 2017 easier for StartUps

Kids are amazing! They not only lighten up mom and dad’s day to keep everything in life run with ease with their smiles but are tough enough to carry the world on their shoulders – literally. It impresses me how kids endure daily ordeal of carrying huge backpacks that are fully loaded with lunch, school supplies, binders and textbooks (which typically weigh 3.5 lbs each) almost everyday, but anxious at the same time as the danger of getting muscle or back injuries tag alongside. Is there a way to ease these little kids’ schooling routine without the hassle of excessive weight and possible danger? The answer is a resounding yes, but with some do’s and dont’s from the experts.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends just two, but very important tips on the proper way of using backpacks: keep the weight of the backpack to less than 10-15 percent of the child’s body weight and use the waist straps so that the bulk of the weight is carried on the hip bones and not on the shoulders.

Marketing Automation is like a backpack for businesses. It contains weighty marketing softwares and tactics designed to effectively market products and services via multiple channels. It’s effectiveness has become the very reason why nearly 11 times more B2B organizations are using marketing automation now than in 2011 and attest to the beneficial results of marketing automation. (SiriusDecisions “B-to-B Marketing Automation Study” 2014).

Indeed, MA has worked well for tenured businesses but the underlying question is: is it possible for startups to carry and implement marketing automation as big tenured companies do? The answer could be a resounding yes, but startups must first find the right marketing mix (software and process) that is tailored to address the business requirements. Browse on some tools that would possibly bring the best results for your business from G2 Crowd’s list of the Best Marketing Automation Software.

But wait, there’s more to than just joining the bandwagon of MA users and having the best tool in the market. Experts recommend that startups as all businesses should, to use the waist straps of your backpack – know the reasons why you should adopt Marketing Automation and what it can do to your business before you decide on purchasing and implementing one.

The Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketers who utilize or have utilized MA say that the biggest benefit of marketing automation are as follows:

#1: Saved Time

Since manual, repetitive tasks were eliminated from marketer’s hands, much time was allotted to other areas of the business which enhanced creativity and expedited productivity.

Case Study: Multi-Channel Marketing and Marketing Automation: Partnering for 33% Sales Increase in Sydney IP Services

#2: Increased Customer Engagement

Prospect’s demographical and psychological buying patterns were well profiled which gave marketers the most updated and accurate data as to who were the most sales-ready, when and how prospects prefer to engage and purchase.

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#3: Timely Communications

Email marketing, from which marketing automation was married to, is the best communication tool for marketers to send the right message to the right prospect at the right time. By tracking prospect’s activities via email replies, clicked links and downloads, marketers are able to customize email responses, develop proper nurturing scheme and consequently customize the best package for prospects.

Get some tips on these pointers:

#4: Lead Results

This may not be fully realizable for startups but tenured businesses. However, note that marketing automation may bring varied results and which may be dependent on the period of usage of the MA tool as a marketing piece. The most reasonable average timeframe to realize the benefits of using MA is within six months from implementation. (Ascend2 “Marketing Automation Trends Survey” 2016)

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Statistics show the many faces of Marketing automation but the fact remains that having the right marketing mix (tool and knowledge), marketers are able to save much time, increase quality customer engagement, bring out timely communication and expect imaginable results, thus making it easy to reach out to more target customers who are sales-ready without the hassle of manual, repetitive tasks that allows more business productivity.  

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 See more statistics on this video!

So startups, put on that backpack and don’t be late. But make sure you use the waist straps to keep you in good shape so you can go through the whole marketing course with ease and comfort this 2017!