Are you a Sales Pro or a Sales Wannabe? [VIDEO]

Are you a Sales Pro or a Sales Wannabe?

Becoming a sales pro comes through learning and practice. Sales experts believe that a person’s attitude and personality play an important role in becoming a successful salesperson.

Watch this video and learn how you could close more sales and be that Sales Pro you want to be.


Sales Pros aim to get better. They invest in their own self-development. They don’t boast about their experience but do whatever it takes to become more efficient in their work.

Sales Wannabes consider their work as “just a job”. They show up and get their paycheck. They don’t invest in learning. They think it’s the company’s job to train them.

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Sales pros connect with prospects and engage them in conversation. They build relationships. They instill an impression of confidence and make you feel that you picked the right salesperson.

Professionals figure out a way to get through and get in but sales wannabes whine about how hard it is to get to buyers.

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Customer-First Attitude

Sales Wannabes don’t care whether prospects buy or not. Oftentimes, they sounded like they’re not interested in what they’re doing and that prospects are keeping them from more important things. Here’s How to Gain Prospect’s Trust.

Reliability and Responsibility

Sales Pros do what they say they’ll do. They call on time and show up earlier than the scheduled meeting.  You can count on them, whatever it takes.

Sales Wannabes don’t care about your time, following the schedule that’s convenient only for them. They are often late for a scheduled meetup or sales call.

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You can tell a lot about a person based on how they react in every situation. Sales Pros are always calm and continue with the conversation even when dealing with tough gatekeepers or prospect’s objections.

Sales Wannabes are defensive when dealing with prospect’s objections. Most of the time, they’re the first one to hang up the phone when dealing with irate prospects.

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If you’re still part of those Sales Wannabes, but want to make the switch to being a Sales Pro, don’t worry.  Apply these 5 characteristics of a good sales pro, and you’ll get there.