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Enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer experiences through a unified communication solution. Accelerate response times, improve interactions, and achieve faster issue resolutions for heightened customer satisfaction.

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Personalize Every Touchpoint with Callbox’s Multi-Channel Marketing

The current marketing landscape requires adapting to customers' preferences. Empowered buyers utilize various channels to curate information, creating challenges and opportunities.

Callbox thrives in this environment, employing a strategic Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing Approach to engage audiences, deepen connections, and speed up lead qualification for faster conversions.

Multi-touch Multichannel Marketing

1 Email

Targeted Email

Boost engagement and results with Callbox. Our platform empowers you to craft targeted email campaigns with attention-grabbing subject lines, clear content, and strong calls to action. Automate workflows and gain valuable insights with built-in analytics to refine your strategy for maximum success in Singapore.

2 Voice

Voice - Smart Calling

Callbox’s SMART Calling System is designed to enhance engagement and responses from clients. This system optimizes outbound calls by analyzing email open rates, response times, and online behavior. We boost conversion rates for your campaign by reaching the right prospects at the right time.

3 Social

Social Media

Callbox Pipeline’s social media feature enables your team to efficiently search the internet for potential customers whose profiles align with those already in the contact list. Additionally, clients have the option to utilize Callbox to send messages to all established connections in order to enhance the probability of generating leads.

4 HubSpot Live Chat

Hubspot Live Chat

Capture and convert leads faster with Hubspot’s free live chat integrated with Callbox Pipeline. Offering 24/5 website support, we help you engage visitors in real-time, qualify leads during chat, and automate follow-up for faster conversions.

5 Website

Landing Page Optimization

Strengthen your brand visibility with Callbox’s strategic ad placement on Google platforms and partner websites. Our expertise lies in transforming ad clicks into qualified leads through personalized call and email follow-ups. As part of our comprehensive approach, we design a dedicated landing page that presents the compelling benefits of your product or service and optimizes lead capture efficiency.

6 Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Callbox’s approach integrates instant messaging as a strategic tool for lead nurturing, prospect follow-ups, and appointment management. Leveraging platforms like WhatsApp and SMS, we ensure seamless communication with prospects, offering personalized 1:1 interactions and valuable support throughout the sales journey.

7 Events

Webinar Events

Callbox's event marketing services use data to create impactful events with engaging presentations, industry knowledge sharing, clear product communication, and effective lead nurturing strategies. Our webinar integration manages planning, promotion, execution, and lead nurturing for a successful turnout.

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Over 14 years, Callbox has been driven to help B2B businesses of all sizes and sectors reach their business goals, one high-quality lead at a time. Our in-depth industry knowledge has earned us a good global reputation, helping businesses drive revenue and expand to wider markets, including ANZ.

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Callbox Lead Generation Success Stories

B2B Logistics Brand Seals $6M in New Deals from Callbox Campaign

This case study highlights how Callbox carried out a fully-integrated multi-channel campaign for a logistics solutions provider, which has so far led to 3 new customers for the Client.

3 New Customers
$6M New Sales
83 Sales-Qualified Leads
48 Marketing-Qualified Leads

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